I have been labeled "The Angry Black Woman"

I personally hate the title "The Angry Black Woman". This in my opinion is given to women of color because we are seen as a threat bottom line. People are intimated by our presence and our strong will.

I will not and shall not allow no one to step over me! My opinion and my feelings matter. I will admit I am not right all the time, however just as other women are heard, so shall I.

The "Angry Black Women" as they call her is educated, she works two jobs, raises children with no help, and manages to still stay flawless in her heels. The struggle is real I tell you! What you don't know is behind the scenes that woman is constantly working to improve herself. Whether that be intellectually, spiritually, or whatever. That "Angry Black Women" is Grand on many levels.

She loves with all her heart and she is not afraid to be open to new things. Yes, past loves have caused her pain, but she has not given up on love. This "Angry Black Woman" is on a journey of self discovery. In fact I created a vision board of all the things I want for myself. Don't laugh this is real shit! I strongly believe that I can create the next stage of my life if I can see, and believe it in my heart and mind.

While we are on this topic another title I do not like is "You are high maintenance". If you could only hear the curse words that ran through my mind, and see the quick snap back of my head roll let me tell you. Tonight at dinner with friends we had a discussion on dating and expectations. When I shared my list of what I wanted in a man (You know you have a list). I was told that I was high maintenance, and that a man wants a woman who is not straight forward in the beginning.

From this conversation I got the impression that I am suppose to lie or hold back who I am, and what I want until I pull him in. I totally disagree with this. What is wrong with me telling you upfront what I will and will not accept in a relationship. Let me share some items off my list....

1. I do not want a man without a car...You will NOT drive mine!

2. You have to be on your job for at least two years or have a steady work history with no gaps.

3. NO young children and not too many....I am at a point in my life where I want to do some traveling and not be at home babysitting with you.

Those three examples are not bad. I did not mention money, however no criminal background and ok credit is a requirement. I don't want someone I have to fix! I have had my share of men who need to be fixed. If I did not break you, I do not want to fix you.

If high maintenance is not wanting a partner and future husband who at age 35 and over does not have his shit together makes my high maintenance then so be it. Let the next woman have him and good luck to her!


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Remember to speak your dreams into existence and walk the path that will lead you to your destination.

I can't guarantee how the day will go, but I know I can choose to be happy.

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I woke up smiling, so nothing can steal my joy. Enjoy your Monday!

Yesterday morning I was praying for a mentor. When I checked my emails later that day my prayer was answered.

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When you know deep inside that greatness is in store for you.

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A new day....a new opportunity.

Never be afraid to ask for what you want.
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