For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of Texas
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Many Germans from Russia settled in central Texas. Was your family one of them? Share your story.

Please join us in our community if you're interested in exploring your Germans from Russia heritage. 
Germans from Russia Heritage & Genealogy
Germans from Russia genealogy, foodways, memories, culture and history.
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Devon Noel Lee

Discussion  - 
Educational Opportunity in Houston: 

Saturday Genealogy Seminars

When: Sat. April 23 at 10 am

Topic: Pruning Your Family Tree on Family Search

Pine Trails Family History Center. 
14404 Kemrock Dr Houston TX 77049

The Family History Center is located off Wallisville Road west of Beltway 8 near North Shore High School.

The center will be open and staffed from 10 am - 12 pm for your genealogy research.

More About the Topic:
FamilySearch Family Tree is revolutionizing family history by creating “One Tree” rather than the individual trees presented in nearly every other online genealogy service. As various sources of genealogical information are consolidated into one program, the family tree is in need of pruning to turn it into a flourishing tree. You can prune your tree, and this class will discuss how. 

Come join us for an hour of great genealogical education

For more information or to learn about future Saturday Seminars, email
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Linda Rainey

Discussion  - 
Thanks for the add,I am mainly researching in Jack,Tarrant and Wood county.
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Don Raney of Dallas has published two award winning books on that line in Texas. FYI
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Jean West

Discussion  - 
looking for my grandmother and her sisters birth certificates and g-grandmother death as well as on g-niece heres what i know: lulu (a) c horton m. Robert lee mcelhannon 1904 in brown co, texas.Jane elizabeth Mcelhannon b. 4/22/1905. Lula lee mcelhannon b. 9/6/1906. Ruby mcelhannon b. 9/6/1906, died soon after. lulu horton mcelhannon died after ruby, and robert took the girls and moved to california via oklahoma. help! ive been searching for 30 years!
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Linda Longstaff

Discussion  - 
I am researching my great great grandparents Charles and Laura Henry who lived in Leon County Texas in 1860. He was a farmer who probably died in the early days of the civil war. She married the local doctor, Dr. D. C. Miller in Waco Texas.

Any information will be appreciated and shared. Thank you.
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Annette Graham

Discussion  - 
Hello! I am hoping you would be able to help me locate information on Jasper Conrad Lawson (b. abt 1890- d.1935), lived with F.M. and Kate F. Morton in 1900 as a foster after his father died somewhere in West Texas. Haskell and Mrs. Ferguson Morton are the common denominators for Mr. Lawson. Any information would be appreciated.
I've sent an email to the historical society as there is no phone number to call.
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Specifically needing newspaper articles referencing Jasper's arrival to Haskell and/or the death of his father (a circuit preacher in West Texas for the Disciples of Christ/Campbellites) in the 1890's.
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