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Well now that spring break has ended on my end, I'm getting free time. I'm caught up on school from my sick week, which means I don't have the tons of papers to write.

With that in mind we're kickingvi this revive off with a party Friday, at six pm CST. That's right on the east coast, and four on the west. Invite all your friends once I create the event later tonight.

Also, we have our first moderator. For exceptional assistance with rules and descriptions, along with being one of the few to post and a trusted friend, please welcome +と涼子Xyn​ to moderator duties.

Our current goal is to reach fifty members and have at least one RP post a day. Please help us reach this as a group.

It had been a long day for Seraphine, more walking, more people who called her a witch, and more crying as massive storms broke out around her. She didn't understand what was going on, but as she walked through the fields outside of the town she was glad she was alone. Maybe she would find a nice place to sleep, but she doubted it. As she kept walking, she took a bite out of what was left of a loaf of bread and kept thinking about what would happen next.

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It's very scrapped together, sorry.

Name: Seraphine Wrix, or Sarah. 

Age: 13.

Gender: Female.

Race: Human/Witch

Personality: Seraphine is very shy, barely able to hold a conversation with most people. She is also extremely uncertain of herself and can get extremely nervous, especially if she thinks people are judging her. She prefers her own company or possibly that of a small animal to another person.

Bio: As a young girl, Seraphine was quickly noticed to effect the climate when she became emotional. As she grew, so did the power she had. Soon her family and town feared for their lives should she lose control, and on one fateful day her family took her to a far away town and left her in the countryside. With nowhere to go, she began wandering.

Abilities: As a witch, she has certain magical abilities. Hers are not like others, however, as she cannot directly control them. Instead, as she loses control of her emotions she begins to effect the weather. If she reaches a full emotional outburst she transforms into another version of herself, one that is much older, and then can manipulate her abilities like any other witch would. 

Along with her weather control, she is capable of learning normal magical abilities, though she does not have those at this time.

Equipment: Her only equipment is a broomstick and her clothes. Nothing particularly notable.
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Name: Crescent Blood Moon Wolf

Age: 21 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Magic Wolf

Personality: Usually happy and cheerful, but once in a while he dose have his dark moments..

Abilities: Can use Necromancy, Hemomancy, Osteomancy, and Biomancy type spells, as well as some minor Cryomancy as well. Please note that Biomancy dose involve use of Bioelectricity, as well as other enhancements and alterations of the body.

Crescent can turn into his Gijinka form, which he usually uses to blend into the crowd without causing panic within populated areas.

Crescent can also alter, or shift his size, however, he can only go between normal and micro ( tiny ) forms.

Gear: some robes, a necromancers knife, a scythe ( that he doesn't use much, and it folds up for easy storage and carrying ), and a slightly rusty iron wolf skull mask.
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It's time to bring this place back. As many of you may know, I had to stop working on it due to personal issues at the time. However, it is now time to bring this community back and see it prosper. As such, all assistance is appreciated. Please share the community and invite your friends. 

Remember, despite the time gap I am still looking for moderators.

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So whos free to do a little rp with me?

I'm ok with almost any kind of rp to
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I decided I should put this for future RPs that I'd like to take part in here.
Right! Here I go.

Name: Xyn Ehecatl

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Snivy (Grass Snek)

Appearance: Akin to a normal Snivy, with the exception of her gear.
Xyn is nearly always seen wearing just her watch, key strap, and a single bag. Otherwise, she wears her weather-resistant clothing. This includes a short-sleeved red jacket with a hood, a belt with two small bags attached, another bag on her tail, a red strap across her back with a magnetic clip (holds Zereon), and a smart watch made of mythril. This clothing set offers heat immunity up to one-hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit, and cold immunity down to fifty below zero. Zereon is a blue and gray key she uses in combat.

Biography: Xyn is a Snivy who initially was a starter to a Trainer. Since she couldn't learn any Grass-Type moves, she was abandoned. This caused her decision to travel on her own, trying to figure out why Grass-Type moves escaped her. She has been a loner for three years since she was released. During her travels, she collected knowledge of many topics from reading, and observing them. However, her distrust of humans has led her to straying far from civilization at times.
Two years after she left, she came across a blade embedded deep within a tree in the dense, forested area on the far left side of Unova. It was a strange and powerful weapon she calls Zereon. She spent weeks researching its origins and power before a group of bandits happened to hear about her find, and ambushed her in a mountainous region. During the struggle, the blade responded to Xyn’s plead for help, and adjusted its size for her convenience. The edge of the blade glowed red as she unleashed an Art known as Crush, and managed to fight the attackers off. Since then, she has found multiple Arts that have differing effects, and modified a smart watch to help channel them. Through many tests, she found a limit to the amount of Arts that could be used in a day before her body would give in.

One of her parents was an Arbok (father), the other a Serperior (mother). With her even more mixed family tree, minor genetic mutations have appeared, including shedding of leaves for no apparent reason, her knowledge of Poison Tail and Poison Fang, and her irises changing color (from reddish to bluish).

As of Spring 2015, she is in a relationship with Minato Acos.

Weapons: Currently wields Zereon, a key-shaped blade that functions as a Monado would. Paired to a smart watch on her left wrist. Arts are channeled using the watch via screen or gestures.

Moveset [1]: Tackle, Glare, Leer, Vine Whip, Wrap, Bind, Slam, Coil, Sweet Scent, Iron Tail, Captivate, Attract, Sunny Day, Twister, Aqua Tail, Dragon Rush, Aerial Ace, Protect, Safeguard, Light Screen, Reflect, Double Team, Poison Fang, Poison Tail

Arts [2]:

Purge (Green): Emits Ether waves to disrupt extra effects of certain weapons. Duration of thirty seconds.

Crush (Red): Emits Ether waves around the blade to allot the user more power behind blows. Capable of disintegrating rocks and cutting cleanly through certain metals (multiplier-dependent). Up to a ten multiplier [3]. 

Speed (Blue): Emits Ether waves around the wielder to briefly boost speed. Used for a quick dodge, or to travel long distances. Up to a ten multiplier [3].

Protect (Orange): Emits Ether waves around the user (allies as well) to block certain Ether-based attacks, and some weapon blows. Duration of thirty seconds on an individual, ten on three. 

Enchant (Purple): Emits Ether waves around the blade to break through certain shields or armour. One blow per use. 

Crush Wave (Fluorescent Orange): The tip of the blade, as well as surrounding air for up to two meters in a cone shape forward, become enshrouded in Ether waves. This creates a concussion wave that disrupts the flow of (magical) energy through objects and living creatures. Duration up to forty seconds immobile, twenty whilst attacking.


Solar Sphere: Energy from the body is concentrated into a softball-sized sphere of light and heat (imitation of the Sun). Can be held for approximately five minutes without significant energy loss. Not an offensive technique.

[1]- Moveset is limited to four in a battle. Any combination is allowed. Standard effects apply at the normal rate. 

[2]- All Arts are limited to three uses in a day, a combined fifteen can be used in a twenty-four hour period. Exceeding the individual and overall limits will result in permanent damage to her body. All Arts also require a minimum of two minutes between each use for cool-down. 

[3]-The multiplier determines how long the Art can last, and strength. Basic multiplier (x2 base strength) gives four minutes, x3 gives three and a half minutes, x4 gives three minutes, and henceforth. This gives the x10 multiplier use for that instant, instead of a set time.

Ability: Overgrow

Personality: Comfortable with friends, a bit shy around people she doesn't know well. Can be protective of those she is close to. Despite her bashfulness, she can be aggressive in combat. Even though Xyn likes to converse with others, she can't strike up a conversation herself, or find a topic for it. 
She is a kind Snivy, never rude to anyone, and prefers it that way. The snake refuses to be like her old Trainer in any way. She can be discreet, indecisive, and confusing at times with her wants. 
Xyn views Vala Crawlings as an idol, referring to the Serperior as "Miss Vala" whenever talking about or with her. She has studied technology extensively in hopes of working with Vala in her lab one day. As a result, she can fix any current or older electronic piece of equipment given to her.

I do hope this suffices.

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So is anyone free to Rp?
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{Quote} "Why are you following me? Are you lost or need something?"
{Name} Dark Ember
{Age} 21
{Gender} Male
{Race} Human (Undead?) (( I'm basing this off of my Dark Souls character))

{Appearance} (( in the pic and as follows))
-Skin Tone: Pale White
-Physique: normal
-Hair: Silver/ Platinum Blond
-Eyes: Crimson Red ( It's hard to tell in the pic )
{Profession} Assassin ( no one really knows, but he's extremely skilled none the less)
Skill 1-  Minor magic and miricals
Skill 2-  Knife throwing (can be poison knives or normal )
Skill 3-  Archery (prefers using the crossbow, but can use the bow )
Skill 4- Blades Master (can use bladed weapons easily, but prefers some over others)
{Relationships}  None
{Personality} Quiet, Calm. Searious but can be a little funny at times
{Weapons/Equipment}  (( this is based off of my Dark Souls build))
               Thief Mask
               Black Cleric Robe
               Black Manchette
               Waistcloth of the Channlers
                Zweihander (( a german 2 handed greatsword))
                Great Scythe (( basically, a grim reaper scythe))
                Black Knight Halberd (( i'll send a pic of that soon ))
                Dragonslayer Spear (( I'll get a pic of that as well, but it has an
                                                        enchantment on it that causes lightning
                Avelyn (( the pic of the weird looking crossbow. it
                                shoots  3 bolts at a time ))
                Grass Crest Shield
                Octacile Ivory Catalyst
                Talisman (( both used for spells and miricals ))
                 Poison Throwing Knives and normal throwing knives
{Bio} Not much is known, except for the fact that he is an undead that came from the ancient lands of Lordran...
{Theme songs}
{Companion} (( none so far ))
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We now have a description, rules, and a profile template up. Wednesday will begin approving profiles that are posted.


-Continue improving description, locations, and rules.

-Acquire more members.

-Continue mod selection process.

Special thanks to +と涼子Xyn Ehecatl and +Shale the Shadow for assistance with rules and profiles.
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