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Every Tuesday you are invited to join me and some of my drummer friends for some drum talk and drum play.  All levels are encouraged to join, from beginner, to pro, to drum teacher.  All of my Hangouts, coaching, and programs includes my exclusive and revolutionary Expander® self-guided drum training system, The Drumming Power Source®.

Click "yes" or "maybe" and plan to attend.  You may receive reminders. Attendees and those clicking "yes" or "maybe" will also receive notice when the replay is available.
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Acoustic and Electronic Drum Coaching and Interactive Workshop
Green Room 6-7 central
Coaching Show and Workshop 7-8 central
(times may vary slightly)
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On Tuesday Feb 11, 2014 from 6-8 central time, we will Hangout together to talk about and play drums.  This weekly event is an important part in developing your Rapid Progress habit.

Topics for this week include:
* whatever you want to discuss or play on the show
* recording and playing to your own drumming
* basic camera and mic setup for hangouts
* applying your voice as your drumming "5th limb"
* examples of some multi-tracked electronic drum songs

Watch the video to see the last 6 minutes of last weeks powerful and musical show!  

Indicate "yes" or "maybe" to keep updated and receive info when the replay is available.
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4-5 (first hour) Green Room (will not be recorded)
5-7 will include your questions and comments plus
* Expander Talk
* Drumming Basics
* Power Connection
* DPS Flight School
* Geek's Beat
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