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Instagram enables brands to share their message and ultimately showcase their products and services, culture, as well as behind-the-scenes with their target audience.

I’ve listed five of the most effective strategies that will help you win on Instagram.

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If you are looking for organic ways to increase your Instagram followers, you’ll be delighted to know that the top photo-sharing social media platform offers businesses many opportunities to reach their target market without necessarily buying ads.

Click here to discover 10 practical ways you can organically increase your Instagram followers:

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Aside from the micro-blogging feature, Twitter also enables users to do detailed searches on its Advanced Search tool. Both business owners and marketers use this tool to look for people who matches their specific selection criteria.

Listed here are ways Twitter Advanced Search feature is beneficial for you and your business:

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Facebook Stories are short user-generated photo and video collections that can be viewed up to two times and disappear after 24 hours. The story format, originated and was made famous by Snapchat.

If you haven’t included video as part of your marketing strategy, think again! Now is the time you should consider doing it.


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Linkedin endorsements allow people in your network to backup your skills. They simply need to click on the “+” sign located right next to each skill. This action states that they attest to you actually having that skill.

Discover top 5 ways to increase your Linkedin endorsements.


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Pinterest has now grown to be more than ust cute photos and creative ideas. With revenue-generating features rolled out, there was a reason why this social media network earns its unofficial title as a "champio": in the e-commerce department.
If you are not yet harnessing the power of Pinterest, it's not too late to start!
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Do you want to channel the power of Instagram in your online marketing?

This photo-sharing social media platform is flocked with almost 400 million users including celebrities and top brands like Starbucks, Sephora and Intel, which goes to show that Instagram is obviously here for the long haul. Expanding your reach in this platform requires employing strategic marketing efforts.

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Pinterest has definitely become the go-to site for exploring interests and saving ideas into organized folders. But how can businesses get results from marketing on this platform?

Pinterest’s active users have now reached up to 150 million in total, making it an effective source for website and blog traffic, and there are strategies you can use to achieve this.

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Why leverage Facebook? Does it fit YOUR business? What’s so great about it anyway? Let's talk about why it’s the most effective choice today for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses.

For those who are not aware, Facebook is the most powerful yet very affordable ad platform right now. It went from 1 million marketers spending 8billion ads per year to twice its success since 2008. Facebook’s pinpoint specific targeting options and extremely cheap price makes it a top choice for advertisers. Not only that, it has so much more data than its largest competitor, Google, and can even track its users’ activities outside the platform, which makes it extremely powerful and effective.

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Got questions about social media marketing, biz strategy, or photography? Join me and my 3 guest experts today at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm EST for #PhotographyProsLiveChat. You can post your questions in the comments.
Plus there's only 2 hrs left to enter the contest to win a  #LightSphere flash diffuser kit. The winner will be announced live on the show.
I'm thrilled to be interviewing 3 successful photographers on how they use social media to market their business and build their online community. We'll dive into: social media marketing, outsourcing, passive income, creating a brand, building an online community, and of course photography!

This episode's photo pros are:
Gary Fong (photographer, inventor, entrepreneur)
Harvey Bremner of +Pinstripe Productions  (commercial photography and videography)
+Thomas E. Hanna |  (photographer, Google+ expert)

This semi-annual livestreamed Q&A session celebrates the final class of the Social Media for Photographers course in the Digital Photography program at the Centre for Arts and Technology.

Students, CATO faculty and friends and family are welcome to join us and ask social media and business questions of the photography panel of experts.

Feel free to post your questions below and we'll try to get them answered on-air.


Your host: +Angelique Duffield - photographer, biz tech demystifier, online marketing strategist

Check out previous episodes of the Photography Pros Live Chat:

With +Emma Patterson of Triple F Photography (sports + events)
+Jon Adrian of Adrian Photographers (wedding & portraits)
+Christine Tremoulet Photography for Hot Mamas  (boudoir + landscape)
+Sherry Frey Sherry Frey (artistic photography)

With +Rebecca Siewert , +Joshua Barnett, +Kyle Perison, and +Fiona Forshaw

With +Colin Krieg, +Jamie Delaine, +Braden Summers

You can watch all the episodes of Angelique's other series - "The Power of Free" Show, with show notes (and free gifts!) here:‬

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