I just wanted to suggest the Google voice to be called GG "Google Girl" would be a cool name.

can i join this community

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Each person needs someone who will listen (deeply). Each person needs to tell one's life story. Each person needs to spend one's life with somebody. I wish that I and many other people had a better luck and hurt less. Communication must regain its naturally central place in my personal life and in my professional life. We can talk freely about these things.
I share with you the start of a more focused discussion; it's about a global online project that should improve communication.

when im upset I shut myself down.
I have no motivation for anything.
I tell myself that nobody cares,
even though I know some do.
I think about all of the negative things
I could possibly think of.
I give myself all the pain,
thinking deserve it.
im not sure why I do that,
but that's just how I am.

Im not normally one to strike up a conversation. So I guess I will now uphold the title given to me by the dark mother (ES V: Skyrim) "Listener."

I need someone to talk to :'(

who want to talk 

you know what hurts? walking home and starting to cry before you even make it inside the house. laying you the floor and just crying your eyes out for hours and hours because you feel so fucking alone and you hate your self so much you just don't know what else to do. wanting to do something to distract yourself, but not even having the energy to get up.

is it any one who want to talk 

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The poem I made. 
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