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Hey Everyone!

A little information about us:

Cocamama is a platform for action.
A brand new service, building a strong global community of women, working together to achieve their wildest ambitions, and have a heap of fun along the way.
It is a productised life coaching and crowd mentoring system that will help women all over the world to identify and work towards the top 5 or 6 things that they would like to achieve in life, and enable them to work in conjunction with women who are working on similar goals.
The system will assist them to structure their lives to better achieve these goals, by helping them to remove negative barriers and make steady progress towards them over time.
It will break down their objectives into recommended actionable, steps that will alter their habits for short, medium and long term progress. They will be able to track their progress towards these steps using the online platform.
The steps will be recommended by Cocamama, based on the experience of its staff and advisors, and on extensive social science research gathered from a wide range of sources.
Users will have the opportunity to part-take in a community of women who challenge each other, learn from and inspire each other.
They will be offered the chance to be connected with like minded individuals, in a mentoring partnership, from a culturally and globally diverse membership.
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