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Name: Iron.
Clan: WindClan
Rank: Warrior.
Gender: Tom
Moons: 28 moons
Crush: Open.
Mate: Open
Kits:Not yet
Mother: ??
Father: ??
Siblings: Open
Friends: Who?
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Small Footsteps could be heard nearing to wards the river before the light of the full moon fell upon the small five-tailed Beast stopping at the river, it's Crimson eyes stared through the water while it's body was already in position to jump into the water to catch it's next prey with their claws only to be interrupted by a snapping of twig under someones else's weight from the Shadows of the trees. The small Beasts Crimsons Orbs immediately darted towards the direction of the sound while it's ears twitched up wards.

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Name: "I am known as Yuandra"
Nickname: "....A Mortal once called me Yami.."
Gender: "I actually am Genderless, but I prefer sometimes to be pronounced with 'She' or 'Her'
Sexuality: "...Because I really have no known interest in anyone I would be Asexual."
Rank: "...I don't really have a rank because I don't even have a Clan."
Likes: "Well I prefer the Silence and the Dark, gaining new knowledge and my well-deserved Sleep...I also like to a refreshing swim at night ~"
Dislikes: "Loud Creatures, Crowds, bright Light, I despise the plant known as Lavender....and I really hate if I can't remember certain think or don't have any Energy left..."
Father: "I am unable of remembering to remember my possible Creator.."
Mother: "As said....I am still unable to remember my Creator.."
Siblings: "I positive even though I have Amnesia that I don't have any existing siblings."
Clan: "As said I haven't joined a Clan yet nor do I have the interest in joining One..."
Species: " I am not one of those known one-tailed mortal foxes but as a now five-tailed Kitsune....though I will fastly try to increase the number of my tails..."
Personality: quiet, sneaky, secretive, obsersvive, possessive
Bio: "I live in a rather unnatural large tree, which is connected with an underground cave where I mostly spend my Time to check for intruders or possible damages and store my Food. I only go hunting at night time or when it's dark outside to the long river that is still within my territory..."

Name: Willow
Nickname: Yuki
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: 12th of September 2002
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Crush: Ray (Boyfriend)
Clan: None
Rank: None
Personality: Kind-Hearted, Sarcastic, Quirky, Dark, Smart, Cocky.
Bio: Through DNA Manipulation this normal human grew a tail, cat ears and could run faster! Some people judge her for the tail and cat ears but not many. Before the transformation she was very self conscious and couldn't ask anyone for help. Her sister, Asha, always annoys her by messing with her hair and ears but she is very protective of her little sister. Currently she works part-time as a cat sitter. If she sees a dog she is instantly gone. When she is frightened her tail grows a bit longer. At school she is independent and works to her best potential, sometimes when a teacher is off for a bit of time she would be asked to fill in, however at break and lunch she is very mischievous. She is allowed in places where teacher could be at lunch, however not all of the rooms. She normally has hot chocolate in these rooms. If anyone touches her tail or ears she normally would scram you and then blush. She has feelings for Ray because he is quirky and fun, when she is around him she cares for him, like when he needs help she would always volunteer. She has asked Ray to be her Boyfriend and he said yes.
Quote: Always consider the good side.
Friends: Rick (Dad), Sally (Mum), Asha (Sister), Bill, Simon, Salla, Galla, Whiskers (Cat), Misty (BFF), Ray (Boyfriend), Billy.
Likes: Music, Anime, Cats, Internet, Video Games, Laser Pointers.
Dislikes: Scissors, Knives, Water, Dogs.
Special Traits: Able to draw most basic and advanced drawings easily blindfolded. Can climb up very high, very fast but can't always get back down.
Previous Life: Cat.
Hair Colour: Pink.
Skin Colour: White.
Favorite Anime: Future Diary.
Favorite Colour: Red/Pink.
Favorite Song: Feelings of the Dead.
Favorite Game: Undertale.
Has A Heart Of Gold.

Name: Whisper
Nickname: Wisp
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Spirit Cat
Personality: Happy & energetic but can be dark & insane
Bio: Born a wisp at a spirit altar. Grew up at thr spirit altar

Name: Rana Tashia
Nickname: Rana
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Fox(only when I'm here tho)
Persona: Easygoing, easily distracted, loves challenges. Introvert, and has a dark side when provoked.
I hope I didn't miss anything :p


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