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Music for your Tavern! 🌸🍃🎶

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Greetings to my fellow fans of Dungeons & Dragons! I'm currently building and testing the 11th season of an ongoing Planescape campaign through Google Communities. Even though its the 11th year (in real time) of this campaign, its the first season we are playing exclusively online.

I'm looking for anyone above the age of 18 that's interested in making a non good character and joining in on the havoc.

Search "Gores Games" and check out the Recruitment Community for a bit more info. Or ask any questions below. Thanks to all you dimensional jumpers! Long Live Gary Gygax!

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If I am a Hobbit, my name would be Flambard Burrows .

So is anyone doing any online 2nd or 3rd ed games? Haven't played in ages and the itch is back. Ill more then likely be a bit rusty though im sure.

I'm hoping to have a 4e game over video chat at some point in the near future. It will be a level 10 adventure, but I'll accept characters from levels 5-15.

I'm almost always looking for a game to join.

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If any of you are interested, there is a new Vlog about GMing.
He's entered it into a contest for Geek and Sundry (Which is a totally awesome site for geeks!).  If you like what he has so far, you can support him by voting on the Geek and Sundry website:

I'm really happy I stumbled on this.  I've only ever played with friends, I always love to see what kind of amazing things others have to bring to the table!

Looking for a game to join :)
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