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Hello and Good Day SE Group. I trust this message finds you all well. I wanted to quickly introduce myself to the group. My name is Ed Faraone. I am the Owner/ President/ CEO of a Renewable Energy Center Development firm. We were formed in 2010 snd have been successfully developing Energy projects from that time.

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| Have you Saved the Day? Tuesday night is "Team Sapienza Interviews" |

Today with:
Marco Pompili_Commercial Director of Xlam Dolomiti, leading Partner of #TeamSapienza for Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018.

#ReStart4Smart #SDME2018 #SolarDecathlon #Solar #Energy #Sustainibility #Architecture #Engineering

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Hello Everyone. I'm Prep Fx. I'm primarily a preparedness blogger, but I also have a huge interest in sustainability. I'm different than many preppers I've met in that while I'm a conservative person, I see no reason why we should do anything that can hurt our environment when we can use an alternative.

Why on earth so many people want to cling to oil (which you have to drill out of the ground, refine, etc) when you can use sunlight which is quite literally delivered to your doorstep and doesn't require refining. Anywho, I look forward to learning from this community. Thanks!

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Interested in #Earth surface processes interactions with #society #humans? Follow us Twitter @EarthSurfS for our latest research news!

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Step inside FMTV and begin your journey to health with the ultimate wellness library.... Are you ready? 🍏📱🖥🍓🍉

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So this is yet another website which does 3 good things:
• Claim to help the environment recycling plastics
• Allow you to invest your money from a minimum of 20€
• Pays and receive payments in Bitcoins and not only

Personally I'm since 6 months and i invested 1000 € with Recyclix and I cannot complain at all you can earn the 12% from referrals and constant monthly incomes.
To signup as my referral please add this I'D when prompted:


If you want a proof of payments just write a comment! 😎

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Good day guys,

I'm an Engineer Officer,

today I would like to share with you a newly made community! Forever Living Products
Nowday everybody knows about how important is to find good natural products for your health care and Forever Living is one of the fewer companies that cares about You and about the Environment giving also great buisiness opportunities!
If you are one of those come and join us you will find all the info that you need about products and how to get your own business!

I hope to see you there! 😊🤗

Hello all,
I have just started my NORWEX business, the reason I did is because I believe so many of the diseases we suffer from today are caused by all the chemicals in our environment! I believe we need to start protecting ourselves and our planet earth, we need to all be good stewards of the planet and of our families. I truly believe in these products, we all have to start somewhere and this is where I am starting!
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