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Which of these Zelda games deserves a direct sequel?

(Reshares are open - try to reach 250 votes!)
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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
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Twilight Princess
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Spirit Tracks
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Four Swords Adventures
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Breath of the Wild

True Name:???

I'm just an alternate version of link! But this time round I have the triforce of wisdom!

Neither Nauru's Love, nor Farore's winds, or the fires of din compare....

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Hey everyone! Toon Yugo here!

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Walking all the way to the village for too long
Crowz: look behind their pirate members Our people... is willing sure to fight.
Ren: Even so, you always make the right choices. However, if we are almost there to the village, We might seeing them in Hyrule Castle.
Crowz: Right.
One pirate member walk to Crowz and his brother
Rekka Pirate Member: Capt'n! We've been spotted by enemies, They've tried to ambush us!
Crowz:  *shocking* Impossible..!
Ren: These guys don't know when to quit. We had to fall back!
Crowz: Wait! halt the line An ambushes. It probably the war is started. We had to fight back no matter what.
Ren: But Brother!
Crowz: Everyone! Begin the wage of war, head to the south west position!
all pirate members are headed to south-west position where war is started
Rekka Pirate Member: look at Ren You seem to be worried there, mate.
Ren: smiles It doesn't matter I was worried, but my brother always lead the way.
Ren is now follow his brother and their crews.

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Hyrule Warriors OC:
Name: Render
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Occupation: Hylian Rekka Pirates
Personality: Serious, Furious, Strong
Weapon: Long Cutlass, Cross Spear
Elements: Lightning (Long Cutlass), Fire (Cross Spear)
Family: Crowz (Older Brother)
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Hyrule Warriors OC:
Name: Crowz
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation: Hylian Rekka Pirates, Leader
Personality: Serious, Calm, 
Weapon: Dual Bladed Katana,  Double Swords
Elements:Light (Dual Bladed), Water (Double Swords)
Family: Renerick (Younger Brother)
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Meet my own characters of Hyrule Warriors, Renerick and Crowz, the Brothers of Rekka Clan.

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Hello I'm Lana the white sorceress pleased to meet you
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