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             Thank you for the invite!

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This Is The Greatest Link Rotator/Tracker I Have Found.

And this is what one of my pages looks like (Note: Bottom Viral Bar with rotating banners and Stationary Branding Box, both can be positioned and designed as one chooses or not used at all):

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This is how works. A superb tool to grow any network marketing business via the power of viral videos and Facebook.

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Today I am going to set up Twitter re-tweets and gain more Twitter followers at one of the best social exchanges called I already have plenty of credits to use after following others. All I have to do is upload a tweet by taking the Url from the address bar of the post and load it into "Twitter Retweets". Find the address of the post you want to use by clicking on the "time" of the post (ex: "27min"). This opens the tweet in new window and you copy the Url from the browser address bar and load it into Inetjunkie. Then I set the number of credits I want to pay when some one retweets my tweet. Then others will re-tweet my pin to gain credits for themselves. This works for followers as well.

You can join here: has social exchanges for...

Facebook: Fan pages, picture shares, likes, post likes,website likes, subscribers,event joins, website4 shares, picture shares.
Twitter: Followers, tweets, retweets, favorites.

Youtube: Views, subscribers, likes, comments.
Google: Plus 1's, add circles.

LinkedIn: Shares.

StumbleUpon: Followers.

Delicious: Followers, saves.

Myspace: Friends.

Reverbnation: Fans.

Pinterest: Followers.

Soundcloud: Followers, listeners. 

Free: Traffic exchange, banner exchange, text ad exchange.
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