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Evening everyone,
I've a ... ah, admission to make. I've already spoken to a number of you regarding this, but I'm going to go ahead and announce it to the group at large. If this is news to you, I would ask that you please keep it to within the confines of the group members here until such time as I am ready to tell everyone else on my friend's list.
deep breath
I'm no longer an Atheist. I recently had what you might call a personal religious experience and have converted. If this bothers you or offends you or whatever, you can speak to me about it privately --- but please, don't go around telling people. The last thing I want to deal with right now is being swarmed by all the Atheists on my friends list with angry messages.
Having said that, I would like to thank Alex Wallo for showing me the beautiful intellectual traditions of the Catholic Church, and a side to Christianity which I was completely ignorant of.

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Hello hello! I'd like to add a friend of mine into this group if that's okay. He is from Facebook but has deactivated to get away from the drama etc. He comes with my recommendation as a person. He has many interesting perspectives. 

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So I uploaded a video on what I think the fundamental flaw in popular YouTube atheism is. What do you all think?

Many discussions on religion grind to a halt because participants can't agree on definitions, even if the definitions are just for that discussion. Does framing the questions with a preferred definition have so much power that we instantly recognize that we will lose the war unless we have that edge? Can any discussions, beyond basics like "what is faith?" go further than platitudes like "be nicer to each other"?

Given the supposed importance of religion, why are we trying to win instead of trying to learn from each other? Are our worldviews more about learning or stroking our egos? How do we ensure that it is the former?

There are three basic transcendentals observable in Nature, the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, which are said to mirror the nature or essence of God. I wonder if they can each be converted into one separate Person of the Holy Trinity, analogically speaking. God the Father is the Objective, primordial Truth, God the Son (or the Logos, or Activity of God) is the Good, or the vehicle by which we become aligned to the True, and God the Holy Spirit is the Beautiful, the aspect of God that speaks to the depths of our selves and souls. They are three modalities that reflect God's Trinitarian Life.

Just a thought.

This is for the atheists.

Are there any religions towards which you are philosophically sympathetic? Any religions that may appear more likely than others? Or is all religion equally improbable?
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