I've got 10 invites if anyone is still waiting. 

who really need an invitation code?

Anyone have an extra invite? I would really appreciate it!

Does anyone have an extra invite code, please? I would really appreciate it! Thanks...   derek.adams.email@gmail.com

Hey are any of you guys in NJ and what teams are you planning on choosing message me with that info and I may have an invite for you.

Hi there, I'm looking for an #ingressinvite . Anyone got one to spare? 
#ingress. Sydney Australia

91Y1A1X1Y1K1914  Break the encryption for your invite code. (Hint: omit the ones.) Please post once redeemed.

Anyone have a spare code? I would be very grateful!

Anyone in Melbourne, Australia wanting to join the Enlightened I have a code for you.

any codes available?
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