Hey if anyone wants to talk to me comment and ill give u my email so u can hangout me
Im really bored lol

Anyone up for rp?
My furry name is storm
Im called that because storms follow my emotions im easy and outgoing but im also shy. So if u wanna talk then comment and hmu i dont bite

Anyone alive in here

Hey guys im new here
Real name: haley
Age: just ask
Furry name: storm
Im looking for someone to talk to im in a really bad mood and could use the friend
Comment and ill hit u up on hangouts

Hey, anyone on?

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Name: Aero Stormclaw
Gender: male
Species: Northern Sergal
Age: 18
Sexuality: can go either way ;)
Likes: video games, reading, paranormal stories, and hanging with friends
Dislikes: mean people, jerks, fish, tomatoes,
Turn-ons: find out
Turn-offs: gross things
Personality: geeky, smart, jokester, silly, calm, quiet, collected
Bio: I'm just a normal guy.... Nothing more to it...
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I request that I be banned from this community permanently please as I am terrified of furries

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Hello I'm new here

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(Good morning everyone! Anybody ready for another paragraphing rp?! I am!)


No one under 18 — Sorry I tend to go a little bit carried away and most of my roleplaying is directly connected to emotions I experience in real life. 

Minimum Two Paragraphs — Detail is important to me, if I see you aren't pulling up to the detail standard I will simply stop. You should respond to the major parts of what the other days. It's very easy. I am not asking for doctoral English level, but I do expect decent grammar. 

Note: 1 Paragraph = 7 Sentences.

Must be able to be patient — I sometimes take time to respond, I have a life outside online interactions so I am not on 24/7. Also not that I sometimes have to take time to read over things a couple times and respond accordingly, and that can increase the time it takes. I also tend to use 3+ Paragraphs minimum when I decide to join in Descriptive role-play.

No Text talk and no acronyms — I do not want to have to ask question on what something stands for so please just don't use it.

Common Symbols
I do use Unicode symbols to help direct an rp, whether it's Quotation Marks, or a pencils to say I'm editing my Comment, to more. I will display them all below here:

❝ ..... ❞ Quotations — Used When wanting two quote a Flashback, memory, or some form of writing such as a note.
Pencil — Used for direction that I am editing my comment. It is deleted when I am finished.


...Excerpt from Trae's Biography, which Trae was thought to be the last dragon in existence after a global attack on his home planet, but there was one other who he'd come to fall in love with all over again, the role you play...

After many years of being alone, his heart broken again and again by the loss of his friends, family, and those who he walked by every day. His race was almost extinct and he stood alone to save what was left, at any cost. He wandered the old street he grew up on, hoping that there was just a glimmer of hope left that there'd be someone. He looked high and low for days on end, only stopping for water and something to eat, wishing for this nightmare to end, like all bad dreams do. He'd give anything to feel the touch of another of his kind, something that he'd been without for more than a century. It was no use to him it seemed as he looked more and more, growing weaker and weaker. But that was about to change forever.

One night he had sat on his old home porch, and he looked down at the ground. Suddenly his ears shot up hearing an unheard sound before, twigs slowly breaking underfoot by something heavy. He looked out across the street to see a female of his kind hiding under a bunch of crates. She had seemed scared and alone. She hadn't seen a male in so long, and she looked famished, like she hadn't eaten in weeks. After moments she had looked at him and she seemed to recognize him. It was a childhood friend, who his under the ground to escape the attack, managing to survive somehow. He looked back before getting up, and he slowly walked over to them.

❝...Twenty years ago you were in the town center chasing him around laughing and playing, when you had tripped and scuffed yourself up. But he was right there by your side, helping you up and had the chance at your first kiss and took that chance, hoping for a return. Having gotten a return to it she had looked into his eyes and the two had become partners in love, but not committed. The two of them would spend all their time together and had so much that they had in common...❞

The memories came back to you but he never forgot her, he had missed her so long and smiled at the sight of her, tail wagging happily as he saw her for the first time in many years and he looked at her before laying in front of her, licking her nose tenderly and said to her in a loving and comforting tone It's alright (Your name), you are safe before coaxing her out from under the crates and giving them a big hug. He felt her hug him close and rest her head on his shoulder before she had spoke out and said...
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Appearance:IN PIC.
Personality:Fun playful,pervy at times.
Likes:Videogames,party,having fun.
Dislikes:Being bored.
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