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This is a new group - for people who wish to feel safe, appreciated and most importantly, accepted.
Your security and safety is the number one priority. Please introduce yourself if you feel comfortable.

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NEW POST!!!! The Many Faces of Depression is concerned with recognizing some of the "faces" or symptoms that stem from depression and other mental illnesses. I have recently been struggling with the face of exhaustion, so in hopes of helping myself recognize the faces of my depression, I wrote a blog post about it.


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Did you know? Nearly half of all Canadians experience some form of mental health concerns at work and that mental health issues are the number one cause of short term and long term disability leave.

Learn how OT's can help improve mental health in the workplace in the following from our OT-V series.

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I've spent so long being angry. Wondering why. What could have been. Harbouring hate, cynicism and malice.
Believing I was being punished, exiled by extended family and unlovable. Doomed to live a life of pain. Stuck in an endless cycle of depression, confusion, and unworthiness.
But then I tired something. I tired.
Despite the enduring symptoms of my illness.
Despite what I had ingrained in myself as the truth.
Despite what my distorted self image and beliefs taught me. Despite the fear of facing my illness.
Despite the fact I'll never get what I so desperately needed from my parents.
Despite it all.
I started to learn how to help myself. I learned that ONLY I can help me (with the aide of medical professionals, community support, my partner and his Mom, my amazing Sister and most importantly my drive and will to be me).
It's only been 6 weeks but it's been an incredible difference.
By committing to myself, taking small productive steps, working harder than anything, and I mean anything I ever dreamt possible. By doing what I need to do, not for the sake of it, not to appease anyone but for me.
I am learning to reprogram myself if you will. Learn the proper skills I was denied as a child, how to react, cope and deal in the moment.
To feel my feelings, accept them and go forward.
Learning that it's not my fault.
I'm not inherently flawed.
I am a human being. A human being like anyone else.
Learning to see all the positive aspects of the awful experiences of my life.
Learning that I am NOT my parents nor did I deserve what they did.
Learning that they are not my problem now.
Leaning that the things that happened make me a better person.
A person who is Intelligent, determined, positive, loving, compassionate, caring, worth love and happiness.
A person who will be the opposite of them. A commitment I made to myself at a very young age but had buried it so deep that it was lost among the misguided beliefs.
I'm learning.

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While minor accidents are common in the workplace and quickly addressed, higher instances of stress, mental illness, and workplace bullying are being seen across all industries. Where can you go for help? Learn more on today's blog.

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One persons kind act has helped me in the most monumental way. To that administrative assistant at my community mental health I thank you.
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I've had manic depression for some years now but now I've been told I've got bipolar!!

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