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Welcome and please look at "About the community" before you do anything.

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Here is my playlist for my Clash Royale videos. I will hopefully be making more videos about Clash Royale but I am not so sure.

I have one question. Why is there 3 Ezekiels in this community? Who is

Wouldn't it be nice if you made a little blog about your daily life? Or are you not so interested in that kind of stuff here?

I haven't heard any requests in a while so I thought that I would ask you here. Do you have any cool games that are APPROPRIATE but fun and interesting? can you post a link to a game or just write the name of the game in the comments or make a post somewhere on this page?

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This is my first post. Check out what I got as a gift. A star wars storm trooper mug! Pretty cool huh?

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So I thought I could expand my range of category by posting a tutorial video. I am hoping to post more of these kinds of videos. I hope you liked this one and I am kind of begging you to give me ideas or requests for what tutorials I should make. I will be making my tutorials all free and jailbreak free. Here is the video I made:

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This is my first AOONI gameplay series. My reaction wasn't so good but you know, nothing scary happens in this scenario.

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This is the playlist of my Minecraft videos. I used a different recording method then I use now so the quality isn't as good but for you people that may not know some of these tips and tricks, these videos may still come in useful or interesting. Just one last note, not all of these things may work. Mattering on which version you are playing on, some of these methods may not work. So don't get too exited. Not that I think you are (T - T)
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