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Want to be a Odoo World SuperHero?
Pragmatic is organizing a Hackathon for top notch Odoo Developers. If you think you are good @ Odoo, dare to accept our challenge.
Prize Money
The Winner will get cash prize of US$ 500 and every participant will get a certificate.
How will it work?
-Fill up the registration form. It is a free event
- We will email you a problem to solve
- Turn in your work
- Our Odoo Quality team will review the work and check all test case
- The person who finishes in shortest time and his App works as per expectation will be declared winner.
Time & Location:
Virtual. The problem to be solved will be emailed to you 9 AM your local time. The cut off time would be 6 PM your local time.
Register here to be a part of Pragmatic Odoo Hackathon 2017

About Pragmatic Techsoft Pvt Ltd
We are a trailblazer Odoo service provider. Based on Agile methodology, Pragmatic Odoo implementation approach is robust and proven. We have done over 100+ implementations in 50+ countries. Taking care of client expectations during the whole project, this approach provides delivery on time and helps to mitigate risks and integration challenges.
If you need talented Odoo resources and consultants both functional and technical, we can send them onsite or they can work remotely for you. MEET US AT ODOO EXPERIENCE 2017 Book your meeting with us :

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quien me ayuda con tema de implementar adoo para colombia... estaba en contacto con los quese encargan de soporte en la pagina oficial pero la verdad su serviocio de preventa es nefasto. aunque se ve que es una excelente aplicacion no encuentra la forma de uno comenzar si tienes varias necesidades.

*plantillas de docuementos
*mail marketing
*pagina web
*marketing online
*pasarles de pago

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Are you a Odoo Expert?Take this Quiz to measure your Odoo skills Odoo skill set in your company can be difficult to measure. Pragmatic - Software Applied has created a simple test to measure it. Feel free to share this with your employees to see how you stand compared to others.
TAKE THE QUIZ #Odoo #Odoo9 #Odoo10 #ERP #OdooQUIZ

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Hola buenos días alguien podría compartir acerca de Odoo para entidades educativas? Gracias

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*Re: [Odoo 11 CE] Are Accounting Features Removed?*

__What did we do?__

__We did not remove the accounting engine from Odoo Community (CE); we removed the module account_accountant and kept the module where all the code is: 'account'. The module we removed does not have a single line of code. It's only an XML file that adds a group on users. You can always assign this group manually from the interface. The features are still there, but hidden.__

__We did not removed any line of code contributed by the community neither; all l10n_XX modules remains in Odoo Community.__


*Esa es la respuesta corta, sugiero que lean la respuesta completa.*

Buen Dia

Algun consultor en Odoo Bogota que me apoye en una reunion en la mañana del Dia Martes 09/05 tema Odoo Hotel sector Hoyuelos.

Inf. 3174051898.

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