YES....>>you have heard it all before<<
Launching a rocket into space from the uk..people saying it can't be done..
How many times has it been said and NEVER done...
Well this time it is going to happen...
This is a genuine opportunity to join a team and launch a rocket into space and enter the history books...
You must have knowledge in solid and hybrid motors coupled with engineering and design build experience in rockets.
Join a group that will have the knowledge and expertise in hybrid rocketry to enable a space launch..
Universities,colleges and schools will be encouraged to interact to give them the opportunity to learn from and benefit from the whole team experience.
Launch site has been choosen and it's on the northeast coastline with FULL support from the local council..
Every organisation is to be consulted in the planning of the event and in particular,CAA,H.M Coastguard,Police,Fire Service.Ambulance Service.Crowd Management.etc..
If you have any knowledge or expertise  in any of the above then join in and help lessen the work load in planning this event...IT IS GOING TO join a team that will be known for a UK historical event watched the world over..((write your name into the history books))
It cost a New Zealand team $50,000 dollars 2 year plannning for their launch into space and congratulations to them...we have over £100,000 and rising to build and launch a rocket capable of carrying a 50kg payload into space..This is a planned exercise to accertain if this can be done and more important repeated on a regular basis due to the demand for this platform into space.
Universities from around the world are queing up at the chance to deploy a science module into space.
SO let's work together as a family and make this happen..
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