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Name: M1 Abrams Tank

Faction: Human

Weapon: 120mm Ammunition

DeFend: Military Base & Area 51

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Name: Lav-25 (APC)
Weapon:25MM Amunition

DeFend:Protect Forward Operation Base


My old posts for this community, are absolutely cancerous. 

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I finally finished

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Name: sizcor

Gender: male

Species: dragon and insect hybrid

Height: 2.0 m

Weight: 331.8 ibs

Likes: killing and eating any of his prey

Dislikes: other creatures trying to mess with him

Weapons: adult: toxic acid spit, compound eyes, flight, strong mantis arms, powerful jaws, spikes

Larva: powerful jaws, burrowing, can suck blood

Bio: he is a genetically made hybrid of a dragon and some insects.


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Name: Alex

Gender: male

Species: froginja

Height: 7'20

Weight: 88.2 ibs

Likes: his friends, being alone sometimes, relaxing, doing missions

Dislikes: evil, people who annoying him or being jerks, seeing his allies and friends getting hurt

Mate: none

Young: none

Weapons: water pulse, can clone himself in battle, can create a water sword, very agile and a skilled fighter,slash

Bio: unknown 

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Name: spidra

Gender: female

Species: giant mutated spider

Height: 18 feet

Weight: 2,000 tons

Likes: killing and eating prey, forests, making her web

Dislikes: anyone destroying her web

Weapons and abilities: can spin webs to trap her prey, poisoness bite, toxic liquid that come from the tips of her fangs, giant stinger, can climb up any buildings, tough hide, good vision

Bio: spidra was once a normal spider until a nuclear waste has been spilled, turning her into a giant abomination.

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Ebirah The OP

strength: Shrimp

speed: Shrimp

reaction: Shrimp

durability: Shrimp

intelligent: Shrimp

power: Shrimp

overall: Don't Fuck with a Shrimp!

powers/ability's: shapeshifting, Super godly strength and every thing else  -_-  
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Name: zorat

Gender: male

Species: hedgehog/armadillo like mammal creature

Height: taller than a human

Weight: 330.7 ibs

Likes: burrowing, food, being alone

Dislikes: evil, pollution, annoying people

Diet: berries, some insects, any fruit

Home: none, he's usually a traveler

Mate: none

Young: none

Weapons: can burrow at high speeds, giant sharp claws that can rip threw iron, strong hide, descent durability

Bio: unknown 

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Name : carnage krueger nickname : the symbiote slasher

height: 7'0

gender: male

powers (real world) : super strength speed , stamina , durability , healing factor shape shifting , webs (again real world)

weapons: (real world) bladed glove , sharp fangs , sharp claws ,(besides razor glove* and it can shape shift any weapon it desires using the simbiote

feats(real world) killed Jason Voorhees , Michael Myers and venom at the same time .. beat uber jason .. carried a house and threw it into midair , killed toxin

dream world

powers : same as what he has in the real world and reality manipulation

weapons : same as real world

feats: dismembered pinhead and the cenobites within a matter of seconds , beat the fantastic 4 , killed a spinosaurus xenomorph , became a multiverse buster at one point

weaknesses: none
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