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Aziz Başkaya

Techniques  - 
Cold Brew at home 
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Starting the day right. 
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Woah, guys, has no one posted this yet? It's the Longberry issue #2!!
Longberry, Volume Two. An occasional journal of coffee. Welcome to a magazine of distinctive voices, research and ideas about coffee. International, ad-free and useful. Available now in printed and digital formats. Facebook · Twitter. ©2016 Longberry Press, LTD. All Rights Reserved.
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Milk Patterns  - 
My job
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Good morning everyone ☕
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A place for the discussion and debate on the finer things about quality, specialty coffee, including how it is grown, sourced, roasted, brewed, and served. While we welcome everyone to the discussion, this community focuses on real espresso, crafted by people. Please note - no commercial postings allowed, nor will any trollish behaviour be tolerated. Please also avoid personal attacks in your posts.
Awesome shot I pulled with my Rocket r58. 
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John Heckendorn

Accessories  - 
The Lyn Weber Blind Shaker

Just a quick bit of praise for this very useful gizmo. While there are any number of effective methods for optimizing your distribution, this one definitely works well for me, and enables incredibly good consistency shot after shot. Highly recommended! 
Our original Blind Tumbler was designed to facilitate the re-distribution of grounds before tamping. By grinding directly into the Blind Tumbler and then giving the grounds a quick stir a more homogeneous puck could be achieved. The Tumbler's a great tool for the home user, but we began to see a ...
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I want to try their newest grinder. The electric one.
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The last one of the day.  Kind of a start to finish.  Have a good evening everyone.  (Still working on my Latte art ;)
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Espresso Machines  - 
So I finally got my new espresso machine and coffee grinder.

Rancilio Silvia and Mazzer Mini.
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Kate Reed

Photos  - 
Back at it. My #passion. #espresso
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+Java Central why thank you! 
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