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Leon Shaner

Discussion  - 
In my kitchen, this morning's batch of freshly roasted coffee is resting so gently. It needs to "out gas" CO2 for at least two days before I can use it to make espresso.
Even so, every time I walk into the kitchen, I am overwhelmed with how great the roasted beans smell and I crave a nice shot of espresso. :S
It'll have to wait until Wednesday morning...but that doesn't make it smell any less AWESOME!!! =D =D =D

Prior post:
Roast #27 with my HotTop Roaster (newly upgraded 2K+) :: Espresso Vivace Dolce coffee beans (24 August, 12:00 p.m.)
I am using an alternative approach to extending the time between first and second crack, as described here, but I am still tweaking things as I get familiar with the bean mass vs. roasting chamber temperatures:

In my log, below, I found it easiest to take notes on temperature breakpoints, because those are the distinguishing factors, more so than time. Unlike all prior roasts (with my original HotTop), the temperatures noted are for the bean mass, not the roasting chamber temperature.

This roast turned out perfect, to my tastes, so I think I have a good baseline on the bean mass temperatures to pre-empt the first crack, which is the most important thing for extending the roast to get just a little oily shininess on the beans, without turning it to shellac.

Ambient Conditions: 67°F / 29.79 InHg.
Target Bean Temp: 417°F (maximum allowed by HotTop -- this is way high, but I want to manually eject, long before that temperature is reached, anyway).
Target Time: 25:00mins (more time than needed).

BEAN Temperature Segments:
250°F: Pre-heated and 250g of beans added to the hopper, fan at 0, heat at 100%
270°F: Fan to 3 in response to an increase in smoke
330°F: Fan to 5
350°F: Fan to 8; Heat to 80% in anticipation of first crack
365°F: First Crack begins; Fan continue at 8; Heat to 40%
392°F: First Crack ends, Fan to 10; Heat continue on 40%
402°F: Second Crack begins, Fan continue on 10; Heat to 30%
413°F: MANUAL Eject at 17:30 minutes after the hard-coded 167° preheat temperature.

Original Video with Air Popper and lots of other background:

#CaffeLatteArt #CafeLatteArt #CoffeeArt #LatteArt #Barista
#Coffee #Espresso #CoffeeBeans #CoffeeRoasting #HotTop #HotTopRoaster #EspressoVivace

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Michael Datta

Discussion  - 
Our new +Bare Coffee Company personalised roast and blend for Mrs Browns Espresso & Bar is going very well. 
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Leon Shaner

Discussion  - 
After 24 roasts, it was time to thoroughly clean the shellacked coffee oils off the interior components of my Hottop Roaster! Puro Caff, FTW!

Mostly all it required was soaking overnight, but some of the nitty gritty areas need some TLC with a toothbrush dipped in the Puro Caff solution. All in all quite an easy cleaning! =D =D =D

Prior post (Roast #24):

#Espresso #coffee #coffeeroasting #espressoroasting #homeroasting #coffeegeek #Barista #Puro #PuroCaff
After 24 roasts, it was time to thoroughly clean the shellacked coffee oils off the interior components of my Hottop Roaster! Puro Caff, FTW!

Mostly all it required was soaking overnight, but some of the nitty gritty areas need some TLC with a toothbrush dipped in the Puro Caff solution. All in all quite an easy cleaning! =D =D =D

Prior post (Roast #24):

#Espresso #coffee #coffeeroasting #espressoroasting #homeroasting #coffeegeek #Barista #Puro #PuroCaff
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John Cossack

Discussion  - 
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+Windward Coffee​ thanks
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Jason Link

Espresso Blends  - 
So just had a cappuccino with a blend of beans that contained 30% robusta. It was...incredible. Not bitter or astringent at all with a long lingering smooth pleasant mouthfeel. I feel like I've been schooled a bit in what's possible with robusta beans that have been grown properly. #espresso #robusta #coffeebeans #quality #pleasantlysurprised #kindofamazed 
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I had to post an update here. I guess they have other locations in Helsinki but this particular one will no longer serve espresso based drinks in ceramic cups. Only paper cups. Kind of a travesty when they are showcasing the quality of their coffee. Maybe I am more picky than their average customer but I hate to see good beans not showing their full potential. Maybe I'm more of a coffee snob than I think I am. 
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Coffee Labs Roasters "Circus Dog Espresso" blend.
Sweet, Nutty, Caramel, Chocolate with Low acidity. Like drinking hot chocolate : ) also pairs well with milk 👌🏽 Music by @mikelovemusic
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amanda summers

Discussion  - 
Meet World Barista Champion Fritz Storm and find out how he likes his coffee
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John Cossack

Single Origin Espresso  - 

Bean: Dragonfly
Origin(s): Single, Ethiopian
Roast style: Medium to Light. (Full City/City)

-Espresso Machine
-202 °F
-1.5 prefusion; 1 second hold off
-23 shot pull. (24 and above it starts to turn bitter and its noticeable even at that 1 sec difference)
-38-40 grama liquid volume (this would be okay as a Ristretto, however I found a little bit short of a Long shot by volume was best.

Pull look
Surprisingly the first drips are a slick glossy black that perfumes and blossoms into a lighter speckled glaze that dances with its darker syrup co star, seeing its full exit to stage right 3 seconds in. Because of the higher temp that a roast like this allows for (and I've taken full advantage of) the bottomless portafilter put on a display of elegant stripped blooming and held it for the remainder of the pour as soon as the accompanying streams met. The result was a substantial mid caramel crema that was firm and displayed the path of the last drops course to the bottom of the shot glass.

Below was a dark, but not too syrupy espresso.


I used the three sip test as the espresso develops different taste as both you get farther in the layers and the espresso starts to cool displaying different flavors that pop out through.

First sip
Bright, front of the mouth, white grape . High note but rounded of with a roasted fig or caramelized raisins. Front of the mouth is quick, mod mouth is rolled into softly and an after taste settles like a pillow resting on a deep walnut and caramel, almost fig or smoked vanilla wood. (Its very subtle but it plays for a long time flirting with you as it slowly fades away.) This left a lasting impression up until my next sip. I think there is some serious body to this and would cut right through a latte and take the spotlight away from any flavor you would add. a good way.

Second sip
Citrus burst. Two flavors hit at once here. Champagne grapes and caramelized figs. Not bitter, not sour, this shot is the sweet spot. This rolls into a mid mouth golden raisin and salted caramel to dark chocolate and hangs out between the mid and the back of the mouth. There is a lot of body here and it is very pleasant to have these flavor profiles not only be so pronounced but hang on to your tongue. This shot went from bright to roasted dark chocolate and it rolled effortlessly into the progressing flavor as it left a tail that slowly dissipated in its wake.

Third sip
Fast brightness that progresses into mid mouth finishing in the back of the mouth and exploding in a firework that falls to the sides of my tongue.

Wow, this is a special bean and roast. I haven't had anything quite like this before. This is easily up there with the best in the world and has one countless awards which is why I picked this. The hype is justified.

98/100 ( pretty near perfect) plays very well in lattes, Machiattos are delicious and shots are sublime. I rarely give a review this high, in fact I never have.

Contact me for more information. 
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A fast shot, with favorite cheese, :)
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Leon Shaner

Discussion  - 
New Hottop roaster upgrade with knobs, dual temperature probes, and USB interface is a major improvement!
Mine arrived today and I had no trouble installing it (but then I am a maker/hacker type.  #YMMV.  ;-)
The reveal from today's #CoffeeGeek #WITB is an upgrade kit for my Hottop roaster. My unit was the latest as of February, and I had some immediate feedback about how it worked. LO and BEHOLD, a vast majority of my feedback was fixed in the newest model that will start shipping in June. Fortunately, the upgrade kits are already available!!! =D =D =D

Please see further commentary on some of the photos.

The main improvements are as follows:

1) Two temperature probes, one for the "environment" (the area above the beans) and one down in the bean "mass" which is now the "target" temperature for all roast profiling.

2) Four separate knobs for time, fan-speed, target temperature, and heat KNOBS -- the most important of which are the fan-speed and heat knobs, because those are the ones I tweak at various bean temperatures, throughout the roast.

3) Count UP timer to show progressed time of the roast instead of the meaningless countdown timer that the old model had -- beans always get ejected (manually or automatically if they reach the target temperature) before the target time, so the countdown time was useless to me.

4) USB port for updating the programming, and it will even be possible to control the roast from a computer. This opens the way to further tweaking how the unit works.
I am hoping this allows me to set my own preheat temperature AND to allow profiling based on bean mass temperature targets instead of the current time-based targets. Temperature based profile segments would allow more uniform results even in changing ambient temperature/humidity conditions.

That second improvement, above is QUINTESSENTIAL. The old way used a button to select between any of the four settings, then an up down button to change the setting. Now I can just grab the exact knob that needs tweaking -- SOOOOO much easier!!! WOOT!

Check out the instructions I carried out between work and hopping on the bicycle. Could you do it? I was not intimidated, but then I am a hacker/maker by nature. =D

I just did a few dry run roasts without beans to get familiar with how the new controller works. I can't wait to do a real roast...maybe tomorrow. I'll have to tweak my past known temperature targets for use with the new bean mass temperature reading, so it might take me a few tries to get back to the optimal roast, but that stuff is fun to me.

It's like getting a whole new roaster all over again and getting to practice how to develop exactly the flavor I want from my beans. So much fun is in store for me in the coming weeks!!! Woot! Woot! Woot! =D =D =D

#espresso #coffee #coffeeroasting #espressoroasting #homeroasting #coffeegeek #hottop #hottoproaster

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John Cossack

Espresso Blends  - 
Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso Review

Let me first by saying this was a hard bean to tame. It took me half the bag to get it right but in the end it is a very sophisticated bean that plays well with lattes as it punches through the milk with authority.

This is a dark espresso roast. A would class it as a lighter French roast. Beans are slightly oily and have a pleasant sheen.

Nut and Chocolate

For this bean since it is a darker roast and roasted with espresso in mind I brewed it as such. As I said above this is quiet different of a bean then traditional. The beans are harvested and fermented naturally using the dry method.

How I found best to brew:

18.5 grams of espresso ground one or two steps below traditional. (Why that is will become clear later)

Against all logic I brewed this at 202 degrees. (Like I said, this was hard to wrangle)

Shot time-
35 to 40 seconds (yes, this is a ristrettio type coffee, it is extremely sour if you brew it normally, it will punch you with absolute brightness if you don't brew it as such)

Wet grams-
While I like a double shot it only gets richer and sweeter the more you restrict it. 16 to 35 grams at the 35-40 second mark is where this bean is meant to shine.

Rich dark and oily. This bean clearly locks in a vast amount of oils deep in the bean, which is the reason the brew is set up the way it is.

At around 1 to 15 seconds you are still extracting straight oil. Its rich thick and dark. At around 25 to 30 seconds you finally see below the crema and see a dark brew.

In the shot glass it looks beautiful. Crema makes up the full shot finally settling to half the shot withing 30 seconds.


Strong, rich mid of the mouth that ramps up immediately from a short lived front of the mouth brightness that stays in the middle of the mouth finishing there.

I'm getting a sour undertone that is balanced out by a sweet dark chocolate.

Again front of the mouth but this time I can taste a citrus almost like grape fruit that rolls into a sweetness that is accompanied by a mid mouth travel into roasted fig and chocolate.

It is apparent that this beans playground is the middle of the mouth. The front and back of the tongue get pleading glances at the brightness but as short as those are it is a powerful performance.

This was an amazing sip. It intensified all of the notes. The front of the mouth was just as short but there was a powerful punch of brightness and citrus that rolled into a deep caramelized fig and dark chocolate. This was thick in the mid mouth. Heavy and pleasant this time rolling out with a nuttiness that reminded me of the intensity of peanut butter. If a sophisticated Reese's cup is what Intelligencia was aiming for they nailed it.

I've got to say this was a favorite of mine. I don't always like the darker roast but if you choose you can cut the brew and up the volume in sacrifice for a brightness if you can live with a sour shot. I however believe this bean thrives in ristretto category and climbs a bright mountain to get there. But like all great climbs the reward is the view, and what a view. Great bean.


This is pretty up there with the best. Its not on the level of some of the great Ethiopians but those are double the price of this.

I bought directly from intelligencia at $15.00 for 12oz with shipping for $5 dollars.

The nice thing is they roast to order and you will receive your bag one to two days after the roast date. Awesome!

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Arthur Grant

Techniques  - 
Some tips on making the absolute perfect espresso coffee at home: 
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Milan Vdovic

Discussion  - 
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beautiful shot
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Michael Rizzo

Discussion  - 
New #espresso  I rated yesterday:

Follow me for more ratings, and if you're a roaster, get in touch, so I can rate your espressos as well.
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Following, thanks!
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Tom Williams

Milk Patterns  - 
My latte art is starting to take a little shape
C[ ]
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Scott Giese

Discussion  - 
Heading to Cincinnati, any good coffee shops in that area?
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John Cossack

Espresso Machines  - 
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but it is beautiful man...
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John Heckendorn

Discussion  - 
I'm not the one who mentioned Cartel Coffee Lab in the Phoenix metro area (article comments), but they deserve attention, too!
Nice article drawing attention to some small roasters

Of course, the attention could make them not-so-small before too much longer... 
After the success of once-scrappy roasters, such as California’s Blue Bottle and Portland’s Stumptown, a new generation of small shops is reshaping America’s coffee obsession.
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Now I can take the next big step in my learning. But I was really afraid I was worse than I thought, so this is very gratifying. 
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Leon Shaner

Espresso Blends  - 
The tasting of Tuesday's roast...
Tasting Tuesday's roast #12 of Espresso Vivace "Dolce" blend.

This is already a superb blend, so I only hope to do it justice each time and bring out just a little oil on the surface of the beans but NEVER allow the roast to go so dark that the oil begins to turn to shellac.

Mission accomplished! =D
The beans have a perfect kiss of oil showing and the aroma of the fresh grounds is divine. The espresso has a vibrant sweet smell and a taste to match -- so smooth and yet so rich like fine dark chocolate is to cocoa, this espresso is true to its ideal. =D

Now if only I could keep my naked portafilter basket from spraying random spurts of espresso around. ;-)
It's really only an issue for filming -- in normal use, I keep the cup up right to the basket and all the stay spurts are contained. =D

Prior post -- roasting notes:

#Espresso #coffee #coffeeroasting #espressoroasting #homeroasting #coffeegeek #EspressoVivace #DavidSchomer
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