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"Just so you know Pops, my opponent was never Tiger Ozaki the champion or Harajima the No. 1 boxer. Nor Nango the No. 2 boxer who I'm about to fight today. It's always been Rikiishi. I'm still facing against Toru Rikiishi. Until... until he tells me, "Joe, you've beaten me. That's enough" I can't allow myself to step away from the ring."
Joe Yabuki, Ashita no Joe

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The appeal of Ashita no Joe fights:
This is a post I wanted to do for a while and talk about what makes AnJ fights so great. On the surface they aren't that impressive. The choreography is decent and they are pretty bloody and brutal, but there are defenitely many fights better at these sections. So what exactly is that makes the fights so memorable? In my opinion there are 3 main factors:

01) Build up
The build up of each major fight is exceptional. We see the opponent interact with Joe outside the ring and that creates a really great feeling of tension before the fight. Also in many cases this applifies the feeling of rivalry between Joe and his opponent. And there are cases where before the official fight there has been a lot of interaction before and maybe even more fights or spar (Rikiishi, Carlos e.g). FInally we might see some really intense moments go down outside the ring, like Rikiishi's hellish weight control or Kim's tragic backstory.

02) Aftermath
This is another aspect of the fights AnJ absolutely nails. In the world of AnJ the stakes are real and always present. A mistep can cause either the winner or the loser into some serious trouble, like becoming crippled. This adds an insane amount of dread and tenion to each punch that is thrown, something that isn't present in many series.

03) Characters
Imo this is the best thing about AnJ's fights. You can really "feel the charcacters" that are fighting. In general and on their own the characters are amazing, but the main narrative of them takes place inside the ring and that leads to some beautiful character development and interaction in the midst of the fight. There are 3 fights in particular that are absolutely amazing.

So these 3 factors are what I think make the fights of Joe so damn great and memorable. What's your opinion on this? If you've read AnJ do you agree and do you think there is something else worth mentioning? And if you haven't then you really should and look forward to the many great moments of this masterpiece of a manga.

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"I came all the way to this dump out in the boons for an unofficial match all because I still couldn't give up on boxing. And now you want to force me into a fixed fight? Just how low do you want me to sink?!"
Joe Yabuki, Ashita no Joe

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Top 10 favourite Ashita no Joe characters
Had to make one cause they are GOAT

01) "Killer Joe" Joe Yabuki
02) "The True Boxer" Rikiishi Toru
03) "The Crownless Emperor" Carlos Rivera
04) "The Human Fighting Machine" Yongbi Kim
05) "The Brawler" Goromaki Gondo
06) Shiraki Yoko
07) Danpei Tange
08) "Former Bantamweight #3" Inaba Kumetarou
09) TIED: The neighborhood kids
10) "The Perfect Boxer" Jose Mendoza 
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Yabuki Joe & his greatest rivals

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Top 5 moments in the series for me
Joe's breakdown, Ashita no Joe
This is one of the most powerful scenes I've seen. Watch Joe reduced to a husk of his former self was just heartbreaking. If you wanna know the specifics you know what to do. 

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"Carlos I'm going to fight Jose. And if there's still even the tiniest bit of ember left in you...I'll burn it for your sake as well. I'll burn my flame for both of us!!!"
Joe Yabuki, Ashita no Joe

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>"Joe, I swear before god that I won't leave Japan before fighting you. Because you are the first true boxer I've met. You have the smell of gunpowder that drifted through the slams of my childhood in Venezuela. A thrilling and very dangerous scent."
>"You, you are like a knife. Always gleaming behind those eyes. An ever shining and deadly blade."
>"Before the ring I'll reveal my true talents as boxer. I'll give you my warmest welcome."
>"Good. I hope that you'll remember these words, Carlos."
Exchange between Joe Yabuki and Carlos Rivera, Ashita no Joe
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