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Here is the art and logo for our new game. Roach Party! The Dice Game of Humans vs. Roaches will be a Kickstarter project and will release by the Fall of 2016.

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The first two prototypes of Roach Party! circa 1999.

My biggest stumbling block in developing the TrioDice RPG so far, has been damage resolution. After many attempts at a descriptive type damage mechanic, I settled with the good old Hit Points. Not only is it easy to manage and explain, but gamers in general know the consequences of dropping to 0 hit points.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you like hit points or do you prefer a more realistic type injury mechanic?

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We sent out the link to the first installment of the TrioDice RPG a couple of days ago. Hopefully, most of you received it and looked it over. Attached is the link again in case you missed it. Feedback would be appreciated. If you have the time, here are a couple of questions to answer.

• How easy was it to understand and read?
• What other ways would you use TrioDice?
• Do you like the design of the dice? Does it stand apart from other dice?

What do you think the subtitle should be for the RPG and Miniature Game?

Tabletop Role-playing Simply Done

Tabletop Role-playing Done Simply

Tabletop Wargaming Simply Done

Tabletop Wargaming Done Simply


Use the standard logo (below) for all them and have a second title on the book.

Simple Dice for a simple system.

Role-Playing Rules

Wargaming Rules

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Couldn't sleep last night thinking about the look of the TrioDice roleplaying book. Here is one idea I whipped out this morning.
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Ordered 20 prototype TrioDice to be made. They should be arriving in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to get my hands on them. I will post pictures when they arrive.

Sunnyside Apartments, not only an ideal quiet place to call home with few tenants and waterfront view, but also a bargain, or so you thought...

Hidden between the walls, under the kitchen appliances and in dark isolated nooks a different type of tenant finds Sunnyside Apartments ideal for their machinations. At night you can almost hear the music, the screaming, and the sounds of debauchery. . . Roach Party!!!

I have been working diligently on the core system for TrioDice RPG. Even though the dice are unique, I keep finding myself using similar mechanics as other games. I guess there is very little room to wiggle these days and we just have to focus on what makes the most sense for TrioDice and sticking to the keep-it-simple-stupid mantra.

There are two areas that we may present with two options to choose from: two options to handle injury or wounds, and two options to award experience points. All the options work either way, its just a matter of taste. Do you like "hit points" or descriptive wound levels?

The other area that we are just starting to tackle is how to handle magic or supernatural abilities, like psychic and super powers. Most likely it will be presented as bare bones with some samples on how to create your own system.

I will keep updating on my progress. If you have any suggestions or what your preference is on wound resolution or awarding experience, post them here.

Each player plays the role of an Investigator who is trying to thwart a Cthulhu Mythos Conspiracy without becoming physically incapacitated or driven mentally insane.
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