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Name: Jack Gorgon

Bio: Son Of Medusa And Kobra Gorgon,Brother Of Crona,And Student Of The DWMA

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Human/Blood Fused Subject

Personality:Kind,Half Good And Half Evil,Loyal,And Sometimes Submissive

Seme Or Uke: Uke (Sub.)


Likes: Training,Ramen,Foot Fetishes,Boot Fetishes,Giant/Giantess Boots/Bare Feet,Soda,Money,Teamwork,And Family

Dislikes: Failing,Death,Losing,Blackstar's Stupidity,And Seeing His Friends And/Or Loved Ones Die

Powers/Abilities: Rage Grades 1 And 2, Teleportation (Smoke Form),Stealth (Smoke Form),Creating Shadow Jacks,And Creating Black Blood Weapons

Weapons/Arsenal/Equipment: Knife
Jack Gorgon
Jack Gorgon

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Nome: mero kurihara
Idade: 18
Gosta: corvos
Não gosta: tarados
Ela é: a presidente
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