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Join us and post YOUR music here! Everyone is invited! A couple simple rules:
1. Keep it clean no vulgar or obscene content!
2. Your own music and remixes preferred.
3. Enjoy! We're all in this together!

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Hey guys, I've been using Fl Studio for a while but now I kind of want to see what other music producing programs are good out there? Let me know. Are they easier/harder, better/worse/ what are ur opinions on them?

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Hi, this is my remix for the Spinnin Records Remix contest for Eva Simons & Sidney Samson's Song "Escape From Love". Please have a listen and if you like what you hear please vote for my remix. Enjoy!

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Hey guys ! Discover my latest song made in LMMS !
If you like, feel free to thumb up, comment, download !
More info and social media link here -> I'm in this community for a long time now and I didn't know it was still alive ! So, I'll do my best to contribute to debates and everything !

Cheers !

Let's talk about SoundCloud because I need some help?
1. So do they have a damn replay button?
2. What do you guys think about it?
3. Is it good for getting your music known?

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check out my song!

i'm telly want to make progressive house but I don't know where to start I use LMMS can anyone help me?

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