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I am just a child with no name
You drive by me
Morning, high noon and darkness
Just another child among thousands
Wandering, a lost soul

I am Child-No-name
You don't see me
Our interactions,
"Oga buy pure water, buy banana"
You hand me money then drive away

Come see me and my sisters, brothers....
Come see us rummage through leftovers
That's our luxury meal
Our zero-course dinner

I sit at a corner
Watching the bright, glowing faces of children
Children like me in pristine uniforms
Going to acquire knowledge
Knowledge that I can only dream of....

You should come
Come see where I sleep
Where I my head down at night
The cold is my blanket
My fireplace is the heat from sardined bodies

My brother died last week
He had no name too
I watched my mother cry
I want to lie down, grieving
But I have to go, need to feed my sisters

From the Inner cities (part 1) by VANESSA CHIOMA


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My lover is like the breeze
I only feel his presence in a moment
His perfume...The aroma of his essence is fleeting

My lover's like the breeze
I can't hold on, can't pin him down
He blows this way,that way....only with me for a minute

The breeze is my lover
Cause oh when he is here it's the best feeling
wraps his presence around me
cools me down in the heat of an African night
sweeps me off my feet like the smoothest dancer
blows me away with the things he whispers

My lover?....He is the breeze
The breeze whose feather-like touches awakens the dark goddess in me
Blowing open,
Searching, he brings my desires to life
He is the air that lights my fire

Here he comes again
With touches that soothe the pain
The pain that comes with absence
It goes away
And All I feel is him
He stops
The heat comes rushing in
The breeze is gone

Vanessa Chioma


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Love and rain

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Roy Onyeka Okafor

He calls on me
But he does not speak
Hurriedly I run
To meet his needs
He sees to it
That I do not sleep
He bites my breast
And pulls my hair

A solider on duty
I stand guard by his side
I stay alert
So I can hear the battle cry
My mission for life
Is to ensure that he's fine
He oppresses me
Yet he is the reflection of me

For nine months
I was his slave
To gain my freedom
I had to go through the torture of labour pains
Who is he?
He is my suckling son
The essence of my life
My evening star & my morning sun
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