I am getting a late start but hope to get caught up to everyone soon. I will be working and discussing with several other teachers in my district. Looking forward to new ideas and methods of teaching.

HELLO! I️ am a CTE Math Teacher is SW Ohio. I️ teach algebra 2 and a technical math course. This book has been on my must read list so I️ am glad to join the group to discuss it. I am getting a late start but looking forward to catching up with the discussion.

I just ordered my book! I'll catch up with you all when it arrives!

Hi everyone! I am also anxiously waiting for my copy of the book to arrive! I am an elementary Intervention Specialist split between two buildings in our district and I provide all the math services for one of our buildings. I'm looking forward to finding some new ideas to use with my students this year!

We received the book today and I can't wait to start reading Chapter 1. I am third grade math teacher and will be completing the book study with other teachers from my district.

So excited to be here. I'm actually having a group of my elementary education pre-service teachers reading this book this month too, so I'm extra excited to be talking about this book in multiple spaces.

Yeahhh! I got the book already - in three days only! So I am almost done reading! Very interesting! Excited to be in the group and being able to learn.

Hi! Anxiously awaiting my copy of the book, and looking forward to share with all of you! I am currently teaching 6th grade math, and am looking forward to sharing findings with my students!

Hello Everyone! I teach at East Liverpool High School. I am an Intervention Specialist and I teacher inclusion Algebra 1 and Geometry Classes plus I teach Algebra 2 and Senior Concepts small group classrooms. I have been enjoying this book as I am always looking for new ideas to implement in my classroom aid in my students learning.

I'm a math coach in Hilliard City Schools and President-Elect of OCTM. I read this book over the summer and loved it. Excited to have an opportunity to revisit it with other Ohio educators!
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