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The Cosmic Cube

Thanos first appeared on the scene during Iron Man Vol 1 # 55, as a intergalactic tyrant with an unbridled lust for power and omnipotence, although its worth nothing that, he has been called near omnipotent without any amp from an enternal source during Iron Man Vl 1 # 90.

In this story arc Thanos has come to Earth in search of the cosmic cube. He is at this time the ruler of Titan and has an army of outcast from various planets recruited for his cause. He had also allied himself with the Blood Brothers as well as The Controller and few Skrull subordinates whom he turns into stone. The first hero shown fighting Thanos was Drax the Destroyer, who was defeated when their resulting fight lay waste to an un-named planet. He was next opposed by Iron Man and Drax, who manage to destroy him only to realize it was a robot and not Thanos himself.

He was next opposed by The Thing and Captain Marvel. Thing was knocked out with a mere flick of his finger while Captain Marvel was forcefully transformed into Rick Jones by Thanos. Thanos gets crucial information on locating the cosmic cube during Captain Marvel Vol 1 # 27, and finally gets the cube 2 issues after. He then uses the cube to imprison Mentor and Eros and he uses the same cube to slay his ally The Controller. Thanos plans to give Earth as a gift to Lady Death. He teleports and has the Avengers helpless using the cosmic cube, show them he has an army and has already defeated Kronos, but a transformation from Mar-Vell to Rick Jones frees the Avengers. Thanos display of powers displaces the moon, and Thanos loses the cosmic cube. Without the cube, Thanos defeats Starfox, Iron Man, Destroyer, Captain Marvel and Moondragon then uses the cube to turn himself into God.

Thanos has become one with the universe but Destroyer continues to attack him. Captain Marvel has however found the cosmic cube but its empty because it has all been drained by Thanos. Thanos makes metal monster to fight Captain Marvel and Iron Man who stop fighting when Captain Marvel turns back to Rick Jones, who convinces Thanos to fight him without his godlike powers. Thanos agrees to fight Captain Marvel without his godlike powers and defeat with rather casually. Thanos is once against attacked by Destroyer who is easily repelled but Captain Marvel manages to find the cube, break it thereby depowering Thanos. Death is seen on panel laughing.
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