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We are a India-based #Professional, #Fast & #Affordable #Website & Mobile #Applications #Development #Company.

We have been a very #successful #mobile #developer for over 5 years, #working for #individuals all over the #world.
We are a India-based Professional, Fast & Affordable Website & Mobile Applications Development Company.

We have been a very successful mobile developer for over 5 years, working for individuals all over the world.

Since we have started iOS and Android app development, we have been spending every spare minute writing code for the iPhone, and learning everything on mobile application development. Additionally to development of new apps, a lot of the work we do is on-going maintenance of existing popular apps.

We always aim to maintain a long term relationship with our clients. Whether you've lost your original developer, need additional resources, or want a brand new app, we can step in and take over wherever you need. Thanks!

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The Afghan who was "rescued" by asylum activist Elin Ersson recently has been convicted of violence against women. He mistreated his daughters and his wife by whipping them with an electric cable.

On July 23, a passenger plane would take off from Landvetter near Gothenburg with an expelled Afghan on board. However, 21-year-old activist Elin Ersson had other plans. To sabotage the expulsion, she refused to sit down, and the flight was delayed by many hours.

When the plane could finally take off, Ersson had reached his goal: The captain had ordered the Afghan of the plane. Also the crying Elin Ersson, who constantly streamed the event live to Facebook, had to leave the plane.

Ersson has, in an interview with Dagens Nyheter, refused to know the man's background.

Now, News reveals today that the man has been sentenced to nine months in prison for three cases of violence against his wife and their two children.

The man has used violence several times according to News Today, and the verdict against him concerns an event January 14 this year.

Then he should have whipped his two underage daughters because they would not turn off the TV. According to the judgment, he took a two meter long electric cable, put it twice, and hit the girls on their backs, arms and legs.

When the mother arrived, the kids managed to escape, but then he put the mind on her instead. The 52-year-old whipped the mother so she fell into the floor. Then he grabbed her head and threw it against the floor.

The man also threw glass against the woman, and the abuse did not end until she managed to run from the place. She fainted outside the home where she was helped by neighbors.

- Dad has a problem. He gets easily annoyed. He became annoyed by the television sound, and then it will be, says one of the children in police hearings, according to News Today.

The Afghan man denied a sentence of punishment and thought that it was the wife who stood behind everything to increase his opportunities to stay in Sweden without him. There was little trust in the district court, and in March the court of appeal (court of appeal) confined prison.

According to News Today, prosecution did not require expulsion. The whole family must have stayed in Sweden without grounds for asylum.

The 52-year-old man must also have been expelled. Where he is now and if the expulsion has been carried out is uncertain.

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#Assange ‘considering’ testifying on #Russian role in #US elections.

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European Union Fights Trumpzilla Over Iran And International Trade
European Union Commissars Threaten European Businesses

"European firms have been instructed that they should not comply with demands from the White House for them to drop all business with Iran. Those who decide to pull out because of US sanctions will need to be granted authorisation from the European commission, without which they face the risk of being sued by EU member states.

"A mechanism has also been opened to allow EU businesses affected by the sanctions to sue the US administration in the national courts of member states."

The controversial decision to withdraw the US from the JCPOA paved the way for the reimposition of sanctions in two stages. The first round comes into force on Tuesday, and the second takes effect on 4 November, 180 days after Trump ended US participation.
The transition period was intended to provide companies already doing business with Iran time to wind down their activities.

EU acts to protect firms from Donald Trump's sanctions against Iran
Companies told to ignore White House demands to drop all business with Iran

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Either you reject racism or you don't. If you reject racism, you do so for people of all skin colours and ethnic backgrounds. It's that simple.

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Il n est pas seule, parce quil peut faire se que il veut; Some lawyers simply get their clients money and do nothing in exchange. And they do so because there are nobody to empeach them to still. The worse thing in cases of corrupt people like Fernando Vasconcellos Arrobas da Silva is that they insensible to the evil they cause to the people who trusted them. Simply because they are abose consequenses and responsabilities. Arrobas da Silva, a mediatic attorney in Lisbon seems to have learned very well how to get over the confidence in his own profit. No matter their clients sufer of serious damages and penalties. He gos on like the sistem. This is not politic, this is justice at the worst level...
I can tell my own case and other whre Arrobas just got money to do nothing. Is double game is being noticed by everyone aroud him, but he still has a politic machine to support his social "image".---Arrobas da Silva "engana burlão e vítimas
Advogado engana burlão e vítimas Arrobas da Silva acusado, em tribunal, de comprar testemunhas por cem euros.
Um momento verdadeiramente peculiar marcou ontem uma audiência de julgamento num processo de burlas a idosos. Foi no Tribunal de Vila Real, quando um arguido acusou o advogado de o enganar. Arrobas da Silva, o causídico que chegou a ser comentador televisivo e foi recentemente condenado a uma pena de quatro anos e meio de cadeia – não está preso porque recorreu – arrisca agora mais um processo-crime e outro processo disciplinar. Poderá ter-se apoderado de mais de 16 mil euros de um cliente.

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Aidez notre petition a Bruxelles et aidez le avec votre comunication en ligne. Merci.
Est que les liders politiques ont le droit de manipuler la justice contre la jurisprudence etablie ? Comment creer une communaute de oposition eficace contre les abus? Plus que la presse. Une force civique au service des droits des citoyens. Voire plus en Twitter @MariaAnabejaCosta,  mail:
Assuncao Cristas lider du CDS/PP invite par Paulo Portas, est marie au juriste Tiago Pereira dos Reis Machado. Il est un des liens ilegaux du proces 6853/98.3. Les opositeurs de ce journal veullent tout soumetre a une negotiation pour ne perdre sa reputation publique. Ils oublient deux faits importants : Les negotiateus doivent presenter des conditions minimes de egalite d' acces au droit pour ne pas obliger un cote a negocier en mauvaises conditions. La justice ne peut etre emporte tout le temps dans les bureux caches. Le peu de transparence que tout le monde trouve dans la justice europeene est provoque par plusieurs raisons a expliquer et debatre. Le droit est un droit du consomateur a repenser et renover. Ni une justice que se achete ou une justice que gratuitement ne fonctionne pas.
Je continue a refuser les conditions de iniquite imposees par les portugais et ses complices. Aidez ce project de justice. Priorites: Paier un avocat / Creer des sondages sur les personalites politique qui defraude des cytoiens. Commence a soutenir un futur plus honnet pour les europeens. Voire la petition de l embassadeur Alves Machado a Bruxelles dans le journal de Twitter @MariaAnabejaCosta
Tiago Pereira dos Reis Machado da Graça, * 1974 |
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