any one have issues with recursive tasks, which after a few days appear more then once...

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Algumas idéias..
Uso na configuração LISTA.

BOLINHAS COLORIDAS no nome da lista.🔴🔵⚫⚪

Opcao pra formatar texto, assim da pra colocar sulista.

Bolinhas coloridas não preenchida. Pra ficar com a mesma cor da lista. 🔘O

Colocar as informações da tarefa em ícones pequenos abaixo pra visualizações imediatas, sem precisar clicar pra ver is detalhes. 

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I'd love your feedback on this pretty simple excel spreadsheet that will help you to record some specific variables, and within a few days to a few weeks, you'll be able to visualize when your most productive hours are, so you can hopefully structure your days around this knowledge.

You can find a link to the spreadsheet on this page:

Discover Your Most Productive Hours with This Simple Method
If you would like me to put together a v.2.0 of the spreadsheet, what else would you like to see included?

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Anyone know what the new pro feature is? 

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Anyone know why in 24-hours system? I would like to change it as 12-AM/PM system, anyone know how to make it?

Anyone know if there is a way to turn off popup notifications on any.do for android tablet. I know i can disable notification with android system, byt i stil gett the popup. its irretating to get all the notification on tablet on tasks that have been compleated on the phone.

thanks :)

Does anyone know how to customize the reminder for Any.do calendar (for Android) so that I can set a reminder a week in advance?

why dont android get the blue theme option? :)

Question about payment scheme.
I bought Premium on android, but on my Mac, it seems I'm still only using the free version.
Typically, with such services, you pay once per account and premium services are enabled on all devices connected to that account.
It would seem, however, that any.do requires you to pay more than that.
Can anyone explain this?
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