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Hey folks - didn't even know this existed! :)  To tell you about me, I'll tell you who I serve: Cindy is a 32 year old entrepreneur who is looking to leave the 9-5 life and start her "lifestyle business".  She's a talented interior designer and started a blog on the subject.  She's just starting out and doesn't know how to do things like get email opt-ins or sell the course she's thinking about. So she hires me to help her figure out what she'll need, and I do the web work for her.

Nice to meet you! If you ever need any WordPress help, my profile is linked. :)  Looking forward to talking to you!

Homework Lesson #1, all feedback welcome.

Hi gang, I'm a content strategist in Australia. My target market is the specialist lawyer (who works in a generalist firm), in a small to medium-sized firm of 3-20 employees, and which includes immigration in its offering.

Here's my persona:
Charlie is a specialist lawyer in her early 40s, who dreams of being able to focus exclusively on that specialist area of interest. She has two kids who go to exclusive schools (because she can easily afford it), lives in a luxury area and has a horse on a second property (because she likes the lifestyle). Charlie owns her firm.

The problem is that Charlie is frustrated. She wants to be able to pick and choose the cases to work on, because the rest of the firm as a whole consistently brings in enough business to allow that flexibility. Those cases are complex cases, worked on in collaboration with other firms.

The issue is that Charlie likes to control things. It makes decision-making and approvals difficult, especially in relation to things like website changes. It frustrates her practice manager, and makes working with and mentoring younger lawyers difficult to impossible. She doesn't know that this behaviour is preventing her from achieving her dream.

Instead, Charlie tends to throw money in all advertising channels without real focus. She likes to talk to everyone who might need her specialist law area, thinking that this is going to get her more business, rather than focusing just on one person.

As she goes through her professional life, Charlie learns some things about communications, and then tries to apply it everywhere, because she doesn't understand the complexity well enough. Charlie dreams about content and brand messaging working for her without effort. She gets excited easily, and has radical ideas that might not be realistic or applicable, and needs someone off of which to bounce those ideas and prevent her from doing something silly.

The three key things that are challenges for Charlie are consistent income (money), time, lack of knowledge of where to start - and she has no guidance, and doesn't know where to get it.

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About to start a Hangout with Seattle Leanstartup meetup (yes...I'm in Beijing right now ...)

Hi Does anyone know any PR/Marketing experts who place content on blogs and social media for clients please? Researching business idea to see if it has legs and would love to talk to someone. Please share

I'd love some feedback on my Lesson #1 Homework below:

Target Persona: Michelle is a mid-late 30s American living in the Phoenix Metro area. She's married with 2 kids and loves more than anything to enjoy time with her family and vacation on her house boat at Lake Powell. She has a fast paced, demanding job in a Fortune 100 company. She's competitive in the workplace, is a leader and a decision maker, and loves to think how her organization can be more innovative. She struggles to harness the creativity and talent of her employees and funnel it towards disruptive, new growth through an easy to follow process. 

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Homework lesson #1.  Background: I specialize in rapid development of web and mobile applications.

Ideal client persona: 40 year old project manager or COO in an organization of 10-99 people.  They are frustrated with how hard it is to build products because their internal team isn't qualified, or this person doesn't know where to start. 

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In my career I’ve seen two major waves of marketing.  Pre-1995 we had the “Madmen” era of mass consumer marketing.  At the dawn of the Internet “Permission Marketing” -  popularized by Seth Godin -  supplanted mass marketing  

Permission Marketing is just no longer effective - if you don’t believe me, look at your email inbox.  The only way to get customers attention is by PROVING you help them solve problems.

The best modern example?  +Gary Vaynerchuk 

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What a great case study of Helpful Marketing. +Hubert Iwaniuk is launching a new business where he helps companies with app performance.  It turns out many small, fast growing companies (e.g. my company) don't have in-house performance tuning experts.  We have to learn it as we go.  

To begin generating interest for his business Hubert is helping people with a "performance teardown".  As you can see in this video, he does an incredible job proving he can be helpful by doing it.  

Bravo, Hubert - and thank you so, so much.  
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