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We have now released a beta of ai.type version 3.0 for you to try! 

Beta testers get a sneak peek at our new features for free! All we ask for is feedback on which features need some more work. Beta testers are a valuable part of keyboard development. 

Opt-in to the beta here after joining this community: Thanks! :)

why is the beta community of such a great app dead


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With the latest 2 updates the colours on the action buttons (eg search/backspace as well as navigation arrows) all blend into the skin background. I try to edit them in the skin settings menu, but AI Type crashes each time. l'm using the paid version on Sony Xperia Z1 with 5.1.1


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Please replace the 'ë' accent character on the top bar to "é", because we Hungarian don't use this german alphabet.

hola, me cambie al iphone, me sirve mi version plus para usarla en el iphone?

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> Name: Lori Lefkowitz
> Country: U.S.
> E-Mail:
> Application: pro/plus
> Product: Tablet
> OS Version: KitKat (4.4)
> Subject: emoji & sync
> Message: - 2 things : 1 - how do you create your own emoji art fun box ? I don't understand it at all and there doesn't seem to be any sort of tutorial anywhere.
> 2 - I seem to be logged in with the wrong email address and there doesn't -seem to be anyway to correct this.
> Also, in the account section of the settings my tablet the ai keyboard doesn't have an option to sync should be syncing ?
> Please see screenshot.
> Please advise.
> Thanks so much; I look forward to hearing from you;
> Lori Lefkowitz
> Client version: 2.1.0 Blade Runner
> ClientId: 37750c4764fb9bcf
> Device: samsung degaswifiue SM-T230NU
> Android v 

Hello, can you please put back emoji its original size.

so they are very small and can not see anything
Thans a lot

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Get  a FULL Version of ai.type keyboard  ,  for FREE.
Just Invite 3 of your friends to use the keyboard, and get a Full FREE version of version 7.

New version includes:

- New built in Message Box & Emoji Art Box!- Be the fastest and smartest typist,use thousands of ready-made messages & emoji arts for every occasion!
- Unlimited emoji use- works perfectly with our new Emoji Art FunBox
- Accent key in top row
- New prediction logic – more accurate and smarter prediction,correction,completion of words
- New category & search in theme market-to search from 80,000 themes
- Autotext, Clipboard redesign
- Next word prediction of Emoji
- Faster loading
Bugs fix & performance

Please approach with your friends Email address, after they've install 'ai.type keyboard' from Google Play, and redeem your coupon.
To Download press the link below:

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Last chance to try out Version 7 for Free before we release !!!
With two new exciting features :
The Text Box:
A collection of phrases and greetings in various situations (Birthday, Marriage etc) in any language , that people often use .
They are available for the users to use and edit.
and The Emoji Art :
a collection of messages with Built In Emoji’s , that users can share and use .
Users also can add to the collection their own “design” of messages with Emoji’s , and can share their design with others .
Please opt in using:
Please send Feedback via
and start using Version 7.
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