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Code name:the unstoppable

Bio:i was born unmarkable powers and combine with the nine tails and i become a jinchuriki and learned more from different clans and i was alone in the forest fighting by myself with a struggle but the only thing is i feel like i didnt stuggle at all and after that i named myself something that made me immortal i was called the instoppable and i was married to a girl name crystal she was beautiful and she never stopped thinking about me all day and i didnt judge about it i was happy and we have a daughter and she is 18 her name is Susan horizon she is the white nine tails jinchuriki(not real)and in the end it turned into peace

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Name: Lily Shy
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 103 pounds
Love Ones: Ember
Likes: Plants, Animals, Sunsets
Dislikes: Show Offs, Bullys, Nightmares
Mother: Asphodile
Father: Excalibur
Bio: Lily Shy is a very shy girl who loves to be out in the woods with her animals and spends a lot of time with her pet Bunny Angel.... She has a terrible fear of Nightmares..... Her best friend is Susan Horizon.....


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Hates:dont like crying and see people fall into there death

Bio:I was born in the middle of the white nine tails attack that's when my father and my mother died to protect me after that my uncle and auntie Excalibur and asphodile took somewhere safe until I grow up and my other uncle foxy reborn my father and my mother with a reanimated justsu I was happy and yes I cry and I hate crying and now I grow up as a teenager ready to my training with my father

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Name: (Classified)
Age: (Also classified)
Weight: 103 pounds
Height: 5ft 4in
Likes: Bow and Arrow, My pet Wolf, Stealing
Dislikes: Show Offs
Bio: (Sorry but that's Classified As well hehehe)
(Find out about me in Roleplay!)


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*kankie runs to a tree and sees that's a demon is killing it my kagune forms reviling I'm a ghoul* (open rp)

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Name: Aiko

Age: 18

Powers: minor magic uncontrolt teleportation

Hates: Jerks bullys her dad

Loves: books her mom and siblings

Bio: well i dont remember a lot out of my child hood bevor i got send hear my sister removt alost evry thing from my child hood out if my mind so yea ther isnt realy anything to tell

kankie walks to dark magic class
((Open rp))

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///Thanks for the invite! Here's my main profile///
Name: Dreamia Imagina
Nickname: Dream, Imagine, Rainbow, Rainbows
Age: 18
Species: Unknown. She tells no one.
Gender: Female.
Appearance: Long, rainbow hair, her eyes change to how she's feeling. Peach skin, almost always beat up.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Likes: Drawing, magic, singing, reading, being alone.
Dislikes: Getting beat up, her parents, people.
Power(s): Whatever she imagines becomes.. Real. She is still learning not to do it every time she thinks anything. It's hard.
Bio: Her parents have abused her most of her life, pushed her to the limits, they made her do... Everything. She ran away at the age of 15, leaving her younger brother, Leo, behind, who's now age 14. The guilt has rest on her shoulders as soon as she walked out the door.
Personality: Quiet, strong, emo. Once in a fight, fierce, terrifying. Cold and collected at first, but kind, compassionate and caring once you get to know her. She is very loyal and very brave, and will risk her life for those she loves.
Favorite color: Black.
Pet(s): None.
Family: Strictly hush-hush.
Friend(s): No one.
Enemies: Everyone
BFF(s): No one.
Talent(s): Anything creative.
Crush: No one.
Bf/Gf: No one.
Extra: Acts like she loves fighting but she hates it
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Name: Asphodile
Age: 23 in human age... (123 in demon age)
Gender: Girl (Duh)
Species: Demon Sucubus
Mother: Unknown
Father: Hades
Siblings: Aaron (Big Bro)
Personality: Is very open but can be dangerous when mad... especially if you hurt one of her friends
Loves: Excalibur (Not IRL)
Description: Well... I'm the daughter of hades... I like Being Alone in the forest....My Best Friends Are Demon Foxy and Lone Wolf! My lover is Excalibur! (Not IRL)
Likes: Being Alone in the woods, Making Potions!
Dislikes: Show Offs, My Father, people hurting my friends and my Daughter Lily!
Appearance: Down Below Duh! (My hair is shorter and my Sword is blue and my eyes flame blue)


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Name: Cider Kokap
Age: 16
Sexuality: She scoffs "Like I would tell you! Besides.. It's a secret." She's lesbian, but no one knows that.
Personality: Sassy, cold, collected, calm, but warms up after a while, and is very loyal.
Likes: Friendly people, drawing, being alone, spiders, cats, any animal really.
Dislikes: Jerks,  daytime, most people, when people tease her for being so small.
Description: Picture. (She's rather small, teased for it quite a bit)
Secret: She actually doesn't like being alone.
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