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A Game with so much story, that the first episode is nothing but story.


just to be clear this is a great game and I can't wait to share it with you all.
You can buy this for like 15 Bucks at a game store or on ebay for 20 Bucks.

Its up to you.

I own this version and anouther wonderfull life.

#harvestmoon #harvest #harvestmoonwonderfullife #wonderful #wonderfullife #farming #gamecube #nintendodirect #gamecubemonth #cows #chicken #dog #animals #plants #corn #tomatoes 

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Hello I'm New Hr

My Name Is : Popuri Dzilra F.R.A.
Age : 17 years old

*Nice To Meet You All^^*

Walks outside to my horses gives them an apple

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Name: tom
Home : knight farms

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Name tom
Age 20
Personality kind careing willing to help
Home knight farms
Girlfriend no but intrested
Pets none for the time being
Bio: Blue eyes dirty blonde hair

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((profile 1))
name: benny ((the one with the blonde with red tips))
age: 15
gender: female but likes to be called male
personalty: loud and some times crazy
farm name: kumori
animals: a lamb (named ceil) and a cow (named spots)

((profile 2))
name: cure ((the one with long green hair))
age: 16
gender: female
personalty: calm and tries to break up fights...but some are her doing
farm name: aoi
animals: a chicken named feather wing

((profile 3))
name: seena ((the one with the blue hair))
age: 15
gender: male
personalty: always cheerful but hides the fact that he is in pain
farm name: Kimura
animals: a horse named sunshine and a ostrich named Saitō

((profile 4))
name: soran ((the one with short black hair))
age: 16
gender: female
personalty: likes to get dirty and is a tomboy
farm name: Nakamura
animals: a chicken, and a cow

((profile 5))
name: Akihiro ((the one with the white hair))
age: 14
gender: male
personalty: he hates people and likes to hang around his animals
farm name: Matsumoto
animals: a duck, a chicken, and a cow
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I lean against my cow and fall asllep with it, My cat sky in my lap

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I walk down to take care of the animals, I hum quietly as I carry pails down to the animals, my cat,sky, follows happily.
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seena stood in front the wizards house. He became his helper and you started to walk up to him
((open RP))

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Name: Hotaru
Age: 16
Home: Kurenai farm
Pets: an Orange and white tabby with blue eyes named, Sky.
Personality: gentle,kind, nature-loving, cute, intelligent, and artistic.
Looks: In picture but with blue eyes. and her farm outfit is the same
boyfriend: None but is interested.
Likes: Strawberries, cake,milk,cats,reading,singing,piano,violin,guitar,
sushi,flowers,cake,honey and music.
Dislikes: Bugs,dogs and weeds.
Hates: cocktails.
Bio: (Do not need it because the story board is the bio)
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