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Google Issue resolved! We are happy to report that as of April 8, 2017 all of the bugs reported have been resolved on Google's end. You should no longer have any issues in using this add-on and if you do, please continue to post them here. Thanks again for your continued support!

I have run into an error " !!Error Sending Emails: Invalid email: $FairLawnGSuiteEmailAddress" that I have never encountered before. I have always used $FairLawnGSuiteEmailAddress or $YourFairLawnGSuiteEmailAddress in Step 8 Share Docs and Send emails and never had a problem.

Am I missing something?

Is there a way to get autocrat to send multiple mails depending on the condition?

Example, I created a IT Request form. When the requested submits a request, formmule will send an auto-reply email informing the request has been received. When IT replies and puts the status as Pending, formmule will send the status email back to the requested and autocrat will send a pdf attachment of the pending request.

When IT updates the status using the same request email and sets it to Completed, it will send another email to the requester with Completed status and autocrat should send another pdf for the Completed status.

Issue is the pdf is not generated for the completed status. 

I've got 2 questions to ask,

1. When autocrat runs to generate the pdf document, sometimes the data doesn't come out. But if I run it again, the data appears.

2. Is there a way to autocrat to email the pdf document after/before it saves in the google drive?

Document successfully merged; PDF created; !!Error Sending Emails: Failed to send email to This is happening when I try to send emails both within the domain and external. Any ideas where to look to troubleshoot?

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Need assistance with placing a hard return between sections that are selected in a check box type question. See below, I'm affraid they won't see the multiple they select.


Timed trigger has stopped working for some unknown reason. When I run it manually there are no error messages and the merge runs fine. I've deleted the job and added it again but time trigger still doesn't work. Any ideas?

Hi! Is there a way to run all jobs at once? As long as time trigger forms don't work it would be great to have that function.


Is there a way to use autoCrat with Team Drive? 

Any ideas how to have different data appear as two tables on one page using autocrat? I don't want to duplicate the data, I want to save paper when it has to be printed and have two tables appear on one page rather than separate pages. 
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