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Hello community,

There is an issue concerning Google Forms and the form edit url. If your form edit url is taking you to a blank copy of your form, open up your form settings and make sure "respondents can edit after submit" is checked. This should resolve the problem. We are looking into if Google made changes to Form permissions as this extra step was not needed prior. If you have any information or are still having issues, please let us know. Thanks everyone😁

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Anyone know what this means and why it’s happening?!

Is anyone getting this? "Error: Tags fetching failed. Please make sure type in all tags in your template manually. AutoCrat won't fetch tags that are from copy & paste."
Mine tags are typed in manually. This is in a new Google Slide I am using.

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Autocrat is stuck on the loading screen. I cleared my cache, restarted my computer, and reinstalled the add-on.

Every time I close out my drive window, when I come back to work on spreadsheets, autocrat tells me "That action requires authorization."
I dont understand why.

Autocrat says it was successful but my letter does not show the merged info. It only shows the field names. ??

I've been running autocrat for a few months now, but recently, the service has been displaying this message when I try to send emails: Error Sending Emails: Service invoked too many times" or "Limit exceeded."

I've ran the service before with a maximum of 177 people and the emails were sent out without a problem, but now, I can't even send 30 emails.

Feel free to reach back to me on any solutions.


And how can I find out if we are on the education plan for autocrat that has a limit of 2000 email/day? If we are not, how can we get on it? Thanks!

I am running a merge on a time trigger every two hours that is supposed to send an email. Sometimes it works and sometimes I get the error sending emails limit exceeded. We are only sending 1-2 emails per day, so I don't think the limit is actually being exceeded. Any ideas?
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