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Hey guys.........I have bad news............i'm going to delete this community. No one's ever active and i'm depressed so i'm making a poll about this.

Should i delete this and make a new one??
Or should i just keep this and hold its old, fragile memories?? Because this community is about a year old, and this place is beginning to become dusty. coughs see?? Dust.

+Lissa Loud :3  +music note  +Mlp Pony Girls +Lime creeper 
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Keep it and hold all its memories!!
Delete it and make a better one....

Hey guys, this community is VERY old, and i know you guys are trying your hardest to keep it running, very sweet and nice of you all.

I cannot thank you all enough, i remember this community still, very nice, and awesome, xD

I still remember mostly all of you, if not, then i do remember ALL of you. I remember Blossom, Mlp Pony Girls,

Lime creeper (I think shes no longer active anymore ;-;)

I remember Margarida,

Snowflake Bunny8 (She changed her name later during her youtube time)

I remember mlp golden art (A very nice friend, amazing!)

And i remember Lisa Loud (Also known as my irl friend ^-^)

Thanks guys xD

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Hi guys i m luna Moonys friend if your flutter wind reading this don't hate meh!!!
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Mlp or fnaf?
mlp or fnaf
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Do you like the mane six or derpy and DJ

Guys If you want you can ask me anything!! I wont bite!!

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Rarity  asked: Who is your fav Mane 6?? 
Answer: Rainbow Dash and Rarity (sometimes i like her)

Dear diary,September 10,
I jus got almost 30 SUBS!!!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!!! But now my sis is bothering me!!! UGH!!!!!!!! AND ALMOST 19 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! YAY!! When i get 30 i think my head IS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!!!! XD 
Until next time,

Dear diary, September 11
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