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I will be bringing the server down on Wednesday, 6/15/2016 at 3:00 PM EDT. During this time, I will be applying several stability fixes that have been pushed since Publish 8 went live. Downtime should be no longer than 10 minutes.

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I will be bringing down the server today at 4:00 PM EDT to apply a small update to address a few more issues from our major update. Downtime is expected to be under 10 minutes.

Thanks for your understanding.

Today's scheduled downtime is delayed until tomorrow, 5/22/2016 @ 10AM EDT.

I will be restarting the server today at 2:00 PM EDT to apply a few fixes. Downtime will be no longer than a normal restart.

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I will be bringing the server down tomorrow, 5/13/2016 at 2:00 PM EDT. During this downtime, I will be applying OS updates and updating the live server with our latest patch. I expect downtime to last from 30-60 minutes, but could run longer depending on how everything goes.

More information on the incoming changes can be found at:

As always,
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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As development continues and more features are added, we will need an easier way to keep Reckoning's client side modifications up to date. We have begun work on a new game launcher that will do just that.

We aim to have this completed and released by Sunday, 3/22.


Earlier today, Corsec Smuggling Interdiction forces moved into Foundry under the guise to protect trade between Foundry and Coronet. It was learned that Corsec was, in fact, searching for bio engineering plans from the Nyax cult. Lord Nyax directed a series of attacks against the citizens of Foundry whom banded together for the greater defense and after the "protection" from Corsec faded away. It is unknown what specifically the Nyax cult was after, although it is evident that Corsec S.I.D. forces had secretly broken into a bio engineering lab in Foundry and made off with something of great value. 

Sources tell us that the lab was used to create deadly toxins and diseases for battlefield use. Corsec has declined to comment on the incident.

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