There are three choices of Identity: Spirit, Thought, Matter.
Each choice can be mixed with the others in unending combinations.

The choice made creates your reality.

The methods of making choices can be defined and followed with predictable results.

Spirit expresses thought.
Thought held constant becomes matter.

Lord of a thousand worlds am I and I roam since time began. And night and day in cyclic sway shall pass yet time shall cease before I find release for I am the soul of man. With gentleness, love, and absolute authority do I form the images of my being.

Exhale the breath, hold it shortly then let go - as the breath rushes in filling the chest hold it shortly again, then repeat in a rythmic maner. Walk timing the steps to this rythem. After you have practiced this for weeks, months, years this rythem sets the tempo for all functions of the body. From within this harmony make you interpretation of all you see before you.

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