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While in Austin, I got to talk with +Atlas Wearables - on the street. We did the interview right there. Can't wait to see this fitness tracker watch come out!

#geekout   #wearable  
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Some info on “Moot,” the loops app made by Austin designers who won $10,000 in the ‪#‎SXSW‬ Music Hackathon
An app to create music loops made by three Austinites was the $10,000 winner at a hackathon during SXSW Music.
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Discover why the #SXSW Interactive 2014 was the best year ever! Take a look at this +Making Sense blog post and learn all about the incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity which takes place every year in Austin, TX. 
Take a look at this post and learn all about our presence at SXSW Interactive 2014, the incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity.
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Byron Singh

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Car changes color according to driver's mood. Real or Fake?
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Carl Webb

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SXSW Rock Enroll for Health Care

Thursday at 3:00pm

Austin City Hall, then Butler Park

Help spread the word about the new health care opportunities made possible by the Affordable Care Act. Financial assistance is available for millions of families, and the enrollment deadline is March 31st.

We're organizing a press conference at City Hall at 3:00pm, and then we're walking over to the free SXSW show at Butler Park. We'll have a booth at the concert, and the Los Lonely Boys are playing at 6:00pm. Come Join the fun!

More info is available at .
If you have any questions, contact Erica Gammill at (512) 202-9260.
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Here's a SXSW survival kit
My must-have app list for SXSW

This year I haven't seen a ton of new apps, so thought I'd write up what I'm using to keep up with what's happening at SXSW and see if any of you have any recommendations.

>>GroupMe is a MUST HAVE. Already I have about 100 friends sharing party and event info with me. 
>>Others I have in this folder? Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Quora, Highlight (which is most useful at SXSW), Google+ Hangouts, Skype, Pulse, and Facebook Paper).

>>Camera+ is a MUST HAVE. Best camera app around.
>>Snapseed, for photo editing, is a must have.
>>Instagram, for all those selfies.
>>Others in this folder: iPhoto, YouTube Capture, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Comcast X1 Remote.

>>A good calendar app is a must have. I like Tempo the best.
>>Good note taking app, Evernote is my favorite, if you go to sessions.
>>Moves, for tracking your walking.
>>A good business card scanner is a must have. I use CardMunch.
>>Others in this folder: EasilyDo, Amazon Kindle, Rackspace Cloud, Google Authenticator, IFTTT, Google MyGlass, LifeLock, LastPass, and Google Voice.

>>Your airline app (I mostly fly United). 
>>Tripit to keep track of where your friends are, and all those travel details.
>>Uber, to get rides at SXSW, is a must have.
>>Others in this folder: Hipmunk, Hotel Tonight, Workday, SeatGuru, KAYAK, Concur.

>>Must have? Foursquare, to see tips about where you are, and see where your friends are checking in.
>>Must have? Google Maps. The best. 
>>Must have? AroundMe. Great for finding things you need near you.
>>Must have? Get your team on Life360 , and/or Glympse, to tell others where I you can see where they all are in real time.
>>Others in this folder: Waze, for traffic, and Glympse, to tell others where I am.

>>MUST HAVE? Yelp, Foodspotting, Urban Spoon, and OpenTable for dealing with restaurants.
>>Others in this folder? TalkTo, ParkNow (only for SF), Amazon, Starbucks, Fandango for movies, Delectable and Vivino for wine.

>>Must have? Not much in this category but I have a Nest thermostat at home, so if I forget to turn down the heat I can do it from this app.
>>Others in this folder? Revolv (the home automation system I use), PayPal, Wells Fargo for banking.

>>Must have? SXSW2014 app (the official one).
>>Also Must have? Eventbrite (most parties now book on Eventbrite).
>>Others in this folder? Soundcloud, Spotify, Syzzle (for finding local music), Sonos, Applauze (also lets me find local music).

>>MUST HAVE? For me? It's the Breaking news app and Flipboard. I just don't get enough value out of the rest to keep them on my phones, particularly after watching Twitter and Facebook all day, which is where I get my news.

>>Must have? Facebook app. So many people are comparing event notes with me right now it's nuts.
>>Gmail. You do use Gmail, right? 
>>Google Chrome.

Keep in mind I just deleted all the apps I haven't used in more than a month, so these are all apps that I actively use. How about you? Which apps are you taking to SXSW?

Oh, and why show you my iPhone screen? Because. I have mostly the same apps on my Android devices too that I'm carrying with me.
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Great link, Thanks! Did you create this doc?
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Oh boy. Almost time to go to Austin.
But still looking for a parking place for our two RV's.

Anybody knows something to make this trip a success?
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I'd talk to John at RV Sherpa
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#tbt  They came, they crawled, they partied hard! We're already looking forward to  #SXSW   2015 and the Startup Crawl. 
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این چیه مثلا
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If you have followed up, now is a good time to start building relationships with people you met at south by this year. Here are 8 ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd. #sxsw   #networkingtips  
As soon as you are back from a conference, you get down to clearing your backlog and following up with people. That’s what hundreds of other other attendees do. So, instead of just following up, focus on building relationships with the people you met. Go beyond great to meet you, connecting on Linkedin and following on…
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Duane Lassiter

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Some day I  want to come see this
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AJ Taylor

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Carl Webb

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Why Austin's Restricting Uber Over SXSW


South By Southwest brings a lot of things to Austin: film premieres, start-ups, newsmakers, bands, traffic and tech savvy out-of-towners.

It's that last group that might take umbrage with the city's ride-sharing policy, which outlaws apps like Uber, Lyft, SideCar and since-shuttered Austin-based Hey Ride. 

The city contends these services have unregulated – and potentially unsafe – drivers.

Austin plans to enforce city code by impounding drivers' vehicles and ticketing them up to $1,500 if they're busted. Uber, which has provided rides to fest-goers despite the City of Austin's warnings, says their model is the future of traditional taxi services. 

This year at SXSW, Uber offered their Uber Black service. It charges a $55 minimum fare and requires a minimum 30-minute wait time between a call or service request via its app, and pick up time.

It's expensive, but it's legal. Uber joined with limousine services, allowing them to use their software at a fee as long as they provide the rides. 

But Uber's lower-cost service – Uber X, which uses contracted drivers operating their own cars – isn't legal, according to the city charter. The Austin Transportation Department's Gordon Derr says Uber X drivers don't have the oversight year-round drivers do, and that's a safety concern. 

"The primary thing is that if somebody is being paid to drive somebody around, then that's a vehicle for hire," Derr says. "And it's subject to regulation." 

But Chris Nakutis, a manager for Uber's SXSW operations, says that regulation doesn't reflect pent-up demand in Austin. 

"They're arcane regulations that are protectionist for the taxi cab industry," Nakutis says. "And more options in the city of Austin are what consumers want." 

But Derr says the city's rules aren't a matter of market pressure or demonizing up-and-coming companies. 

"Our primary reason for regulation is for safety, and making sure when you get into a vehicle you have some certainty that that driver is competent and not a potential threat," he says.

Derr suggests those looking for a ride over the fest should turn to a government-approved ridesharing app, Carma, as well Austin Cab, Lone Star Cab and Yellow Cab. 

Uber contends their drivers are just as qualified. And for now, they aren't charging customers – which, they say, is allowable under the city ordinance as a purely promotional service.

Still, Derr advises drivers against signing a contract with Uber, as the Transportation Department and Austin Police will be out looking for violations. Some city employee may even pose as ride-seekers, trying to catch Uber in the act. 

Nakutis argues Uber's app is live in 32 countries and 80 cities, and that city policies run afoul of Austin's progressive mindset.

"Austin views itself as a pretty innovative city, [and] I think there's a strong tech culture here," he says. "But, when it comes to transportation technology, it's something the city is severely lacking."
South By Southwest brings a lot of things to Austin: film premieres, start-ups, newsmakers, bands, traffic and tech savvy out-of-towners. It's that last
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Carl Webb

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To help residents and SXSW festival goers navigate Downtown Austin, the City’s Austin Center for Events is hosting an interactive map until March 16 that includes road closures, landmarks and transit stops. Travelers are encouraged to visit to plan their routes through Downtown Austin in advance.
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My nephew Evan graduated from Acton Business School. I have been in Austin a long time ago. Sarah Forsman and her sister Katie have family there,I think.
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Hi everyone! We would love to invite you to stop by booth #329 to receive a #ChicagoSXSW Maker card set & you could win a one-of-a-kind trip #Chicago for TWO! Look forward to meeting all of you!
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Carl Webb

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SXSW means big money for Austin property owners

By: Cadie Thompson| Technology Reporter,

Austin, Texas, can be a nightmare for locals during South by Southwest—unless they own property.

Homeowners are cashing in on the overwhelming demand for hotel rooms during the week-and-a-half-long conference by renting out their homes for a premium via rental sites like HomeAway and Airbnb.

"It's the gift that keeps on giving," said Joel Rasmussen, an Austin property owner who has been renting his properties for six years. "Our business leaps year to year. Every year, the conference breaks new records for attendance and we get a big boost in business."

Last year, SXSW injected more than $218.2 million into the Austin economy, and the conference remains the single most profitable event for the city's hospitality industry.

But with more than 150,000 people coming to Austin for the conference and only 30,000 hotel rooms, there's a huge opportunity for people to make big money by renting out their property, said Adam Annen, a spokesman for HomeAway.

HomeAway has seen its average nightly rate for a two- to three-bedroom property in Austin, which is usually $250 per night, jump to $650 to $850 per night during SXSW. The rate hikes for rentals hasn't stopped people from booking on the site, though. Of HomeAway's 1,060 listings in the Austin area, 73 percent are already booked during the conference, which starts Friday and runs through March 16.

Airbnb also expects a big increase, saying it 11,000 guests will likely stay in Airbnb properties during SXSW.

Austin residents who live in the downtown area, where most of the events take place, have the best chance to profit.

A number of apartments in the area are charging more than $1,000 a night on Airbnb's website. A two bedroom that sleeps three is going for $1,400 a night and another two bedroom is listing for $2,238 per night.

This kind of extreme pricing is common during SXSW, Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen, who is also president and co-founder of Austin Rental Alliance, said he increases his rental prices to about double the normal cost during the conference, but said that his rate hike is tame in comparison to what some people charge.

"It gets crazier every year. We've seen two bedrooms rent for $1,500 per night. And some people are desperate so they'll pay it," he said.

Despite some price gouging, SXSW would be impossible to host in the city of Austin if it weren't for private rentals, Rasmussen said.

"Without question this could not happen without the flexible lodging that happens through Homeaway and Airbnb," Rasmussen said.
—By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson
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Hey all! 
Stacey here from the LA Times... I am looking for a startup heading to SXSW that is looking for seed or a-level funding to follow around for a day for a video project! If interested email me at 
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Sent again Stacey!
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Heading to Austin for +SXSW later this week? Join the Atmel team as we provide attendees with a look the latest gizmos and gadgets from the Internet of Things to the Maker Movement. 

See what our tricked-out, 40' x '80 mobile trailer has in store: 

#Atmel   #SXSW   #SXSW2014   #MakerMovement   #3DPrinting  
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