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Dear Geomorphometry-members,

I would like to inquire whether some news on the Geomorphometry 2017 conference could be released. Is it going to be organized next year? Are the dates decided? I understand it is a big job to organize such an event, from the point of view of planning the papers and travel, it would be great to know. Many thanks for the feedback. Michal

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New elevation model of the world completed

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A press release from DLR says that the TanDEM-X global elevation model has been completed. The new DEM was formed from the two-satellite X-band SAR constellation, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X, operating in close formation with a separation distance of 250-500 m.

It's a unique mission, a joint Public Private Partnership (PPP) between DLR (through the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and Astrium GmbH Friedrichshafen. Infoterra, a subsidiary of Astrium, now part of Airbus Defence and Space, markets TanDEM-X data commercially.

DLR supplies the data free of charge to scientific projects, but there are conditions for access. See for more details.

According to DLR, "the quality of the global elevation model has surpassed all expectations". I have only seen small snippets of data and it looks impressive. For low-slope regions, the results are stunning. I'd like to evaluate it for some of our high slope and deeply vegetated areas of New Zealand.

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Congrats to the team
Our article "Archaeological evidence for Holocene landslide activity in the Eastern Carpathian lowland" is available for free for download until 1 November 2017: !!!
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TanDEM-X Digital Elevation Models Announcement of Opportunity & Proposal Call

This proposal call aims for the first scientific exploitation of the final & global DEM product of the TanDEM-X mission. The TanDEM-X DEM is the main DEM product of the TanDEM-X mission and is available for all land masses, including Antarctica, and all latitudes above 60° North. The call is dedicated to the data of the two highest posting classes (12m & 30m). The 90m product variant is not available by this call, and will be offered later with simplified procedures.

Proposal submission deadline: December 1st, 2016

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Our special issue
What is geomorphometry?

It is the science of quantitative terrain characterization; in other words, mapping the shape of terrains.

Understanding the shapes of the terrestrial landscape are important for many Earth systems across a range of scales.

For instance, broadscale features such as mountains and valleys may dictate weather patterns, vegetation and biodiversity patterns, and hydrological processes. Fine-scale features such as local slope may influence soil stability or influence nest-site selection by certain bird species.

Until now, geomorphometry has focused on the investigation of terrestrial landscapes.

Now, geomorphometric techniques have been applied to characterize the seafloor.

The dynamic, four-dimensional nature of the marine environment and differences in data collection methods cause issues for geomorphometry that are specific to marine applications.

A new article in the open access EGU Journal, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, offers the first review of marine geomorphometry to date:

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Wow!! Japanese finished global 30 m resolution DEM based on their ALOS system: (download is a cumbersome, but otherwise seems to be a major improvement upon the SRTM DEM)

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