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Right, I'm sure some of you know about Cyboid - the quake style FPS I've been helping with as a beta tester.
Well it's gone under a few more updates and one of the new revisions was too combine the tablet and Android TV versions into an all-in-one Play store listing (which is kinda sensible when you think about it) but obviously that means there's a new build - which means Google Play counts of as a completely new app (D'oh!).
So, if you've bought Cyboid before (or if you won it in one of the competitions) then send an email to and they will sort you out with a code for the new version!

The new version is available now and has these features, improvements and updates:

Buy Cyboid once and install and play on all your Android devices: TVs, SetTop Boxes, Tablets and Phones!

All your In-App purchases are also "shared", so when you buy an extra Item or Level it's available on all your devices, too!

Local Multiplayer Split-screen support if you're using a tablet or phone so you can "cast" Cyboid to your TV and play against a friend!

Graphics enhancements, performance tuning and improvements

Support for "SetTop Boxes" (Android TV devices without "Leanback" support)

If you're so inclined, there's more info on development (and info on being a beta tester) right here:

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Features in the next PS4 software update detailed including overhauled family management system and 1080p broadcasting with PS4 Pro!

#PlayStation #PS4 #Update

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Old-school style scrolling beat-em up heading to the Switch!

#Nintendo #Switch #99Vidas

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A bunch of "tiny" PC games in another +Humble Bundle​!

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A bit of Mortal Kombat history for you...

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Here's a turn up for the books - a playable demo of No Cliche's Dreamcast game Agartha has turned up! So far all that has surfaced is a video, but given that this title was thought to be practically vaporware it's kinda huge! Go check it out!

#Sega #Dreamcast #NoCliche #Agartha #DCJY

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Entertaining as ever, VGJunk finds some football based game covers to amuse :)

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Since Titanfall fans aren't getting the card game we'll have to make do with this for our mobile offering... Titanfall: Assault is a strategy RTS game in a similar vein to Clash of Clans etc. so expect plenty of cards, upgrading and of course iAPs. Regardless it looks the part and certainly seems to capture the look of the source material really well - it's free to play, so feel free to try it out and let us know what you think!

#Android #iOS Titanfall #Respawn #Nexon

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Nintendo of America has confirmed that the World Championships event will be back for another run in the US in 2017... and will be playing just Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS.

#Nintendo #WorldChampionships

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If you're as old as me you'll probably remember when Carmageddon originally rolled out, but now we have a new mobile iteration for a new generation. Apparently Crashers is part demolition derby, part jousting - so if that sounds like your thing, then go check it out!

#Android #Carmageddon
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