We are her children
And in the night we sing and dance in her glory
The day we shun
We are her voice
We are her eyes
We are her ears
Come join us, the children in the night
Help us bring glory to the night
And bring down the tyrant of the sun
So that we may all live happily under sun or moon
Long live the night
Long live Luna
(If you think you can improve this be my guest, quite frankly I'm not that good at this type of stuff, and If I like any improved versions it will be put up)

Name: moonlit flame
Age: 4200 Yrs.
Sex: Male
Race: Ancient dragon
Talents: Ancient Strength, Wisdom, Holy flames (like corrupted flames but holy), flight, and ultra sight
Faults: tires easily, rambunctious, complainer, hermit, loud, and being gigantic, quick tempered
Likes: watching others, a good joke, a good fight, eating, flying, telling stories, and help solve random crap that pops up.
Dislikes: stupid people, jokes and stories. Anything too easy, criminals, chaos, and flat out destruction
Bio:I have a special view on both sides, but I see the Luna is the only one that can bring peace, and that I have lived by the night, and by nature sets flower down which was previously on his claw that sun and moon must stay, but celestia MUST BE OVERTHROWN. clears throat sorry for raising my voice, but if you need more insight on me just ask.
Appearance: scale are a rusty bronze color, the webbing in the wings (in light) are goldish to a bronze color, eyes are a deep gold, the underside is a lighter bronze color, the horns are curled like a rams, the upper jaws teeth come down and show, has a normal tail, is petty muscular, walks on all four, and has muscular wings

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