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+Grafix​ um.. I made one mistake but I finished it

Love the show alot...

Dominator (NowDoYourHomieShake made it) is now under control by me....

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I'm so cool!
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I found a group where they keep the main reason of the community Dominator!

My ohcee

Name: snart
gnder : snartgender
age: 18
bio: snart

Here are some OCs of my own.

Name Sliver Eyes
Gender Male
Likes:Weapons, evil deeds and Lazer pointers
Family:Sapphire (Wife), Little Bits (daughter)
Friends:Lord Hater and Peepers
Enemies:Dominator, Sylvia and Sylvia's Mom
Personality:Rebellious, Clever, and Kind (to his family)

Name: Sapphire
Gender Female
Likes:Little Bits (daughter), Cooking, Knifes, Music, and everything cute.
Family:Little Bits, Sliver Eyes
Friends:Woybff (me)
Enemies:(Same as Sliver Eyes)
Personality:Sweet, Clever, (like Little Bits')

Candy: I like Sweet's

Lexy: we can tell

Candy: cotton candy ice cream Even gummy worms

Sylvia: gummy worms yuck

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