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Welcome to party all out is where you do whatever you want and however you want but can't let u completely till u make a profile (no bio)

So there is a music room, party room, restroom for some personal things, VIP/CEO room for owner and mod, bar stand for you people who wants to go all out of their way, and last but not least back alley now I know you gonna ask what is the back alley for? Well let me tell you about that it is like the restroom but outside instead of inside and u can even bring ur own ride.

Now I told u everything about here now I'll do my profile so u get to know me more.

Name: Black and Blue Furry
Age: 26
Gander: Female
Sexual type: Lesbian
Likes: making friends and followers and hang around
Dislikes: hearing people complain about everything and guys who will ask for relationship and sex.
Music I listen to: All kinds
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Heyyo guys!
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face planted on the bar


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Name: Dark The Wolf
Age: Classified
Gender: male
Rank: General
Weapons: random
Powers : random
Forms: random
Team: Edg3 Alpha team 1
Bio: i will never surrender, surrender is never an option. 

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I sometimes like dance some kawaii ^ ^

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Time to rest now night

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Thank you for accepting my joining request.
Let's rave!

just sits near the bar and has a diet cola, thinking

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Humph R.B is out for sure
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