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how is this group having over 1000 people in it and it's so lonely?i mean c'mon

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If anyone plays the new Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon you should join Wolf Den Gaming and get on the Task Force so I can stop running solo😁

hey... um... my name's Gage... I'm male, 16, and... well... I'm a dedicated gamer looking for a dedicated gamer girl to be my girlfriend...but...considering I'm just a hideous, worthless loser.... sorry for wasting your time everyone....

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u-um... hi.. my name is Gage.. I'm 16.. male... a dedicated gamer.. and.. I'm looking for a dedicated gamer girl to share my love and passion of gaming with...although... it's basically inpossible... I'm honestly pretty ugly and kind of a loser... sorry for wasting your time everyone...

Name: Alexander
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Games I like: bo2 minecraft mortal kombat 9 and mw2
Personality: nice sweet caring loving guy who cares about my gf (if I ever get one) and will protect her and my friends and family
Looking for: a girl who likes minecraft and bo2 and also will be my gf and love me for who I am

Name: Brandon
Age: 13
Sex: male
Games I play: Hotline Miami, rainbow six, black ops 3, dead by daylight, any games in general
Personality: Funny, caring, competitive
Looking for: girl who has humor likes games (obviously) and is cool
Other: I have YouTube channel

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The latest video from 2NagasPlay, where in we find ourselves rediculously bound to fight a zombie invasion, in the middle of a cemetary...

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My name is Dillon,
I'm 21 years old ('bout to be 22),
I'm obviously a guy,
The games I like to play are horror (both third person and first person), stealth/espionage (Like the Metal Gear Solid series and Assassin's Creed), and I do love games with both swords and guns. (Deadpool and Dante)
My personality is better understood if we meet up in real life.
Simply put, I'm looking for a nerdy gamer girl who is the same age as me and lives within The DFW area of The Great State of Texas who has the same interests as I do.
The things I like besides video games are The great outdoors, anime with lots of action, DC Comic's Suicide Squad, various metal music sub genres as well as classical composers, blues, and some jazz. As for other activities, I play guitar, bass guitar, drums, and I upload my musician skills onto YouTube every month or so under the username +TheDeadmandillon​. Yes I do have a life which explains the fact that I have a job at a nearby fast food chain. I also enjoy various forms of artwork as with artists in this particular field. As of now, I still support my gun rights and the education of firearm safety... and if you're anti-gun rights, just tell me. Lastly, I also happen to love swords amongst all weapons... (Thanks Deadpool).

Anything else you wish to ask about me, feel free to ask in the comments below. Thank you.
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