Hey, are any Polaris events planned for Gen Con?

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I ran a Polaris adventure using the Savage Worlds rules this past February at GenghisCon in Denver.

The heroes are the typical band of people living on the raggedy edge in a junker sub. The heroes meet representatives of the Cult of the Trident at Equinox. They are hired to covertly deliver a trio of engineers to an independent station near what used to be Lisbon, Portugal. Along they way, they have to recover vital equipment from a sunken sub while pirates attempt to waylay them.

I ran the adventure twice and had full tables both times. Everyone enjoyed the setting and the unique aspects of Polaris.

Finding a deck plan of a sub proved to be difficult. I was able to find a small boarding ship that filled in for us.

I recently discovered this great RPG (reminds me of Blue Planet). As a result, I created a group for it on Facebook. If anyone is interested, feel free to join up.


OK, it's been 7 months since the English language Polaris launch at GenCon. Everyone seems to agree that the rules and setting are compelling and the production quality is top-notch. Black Book generated a nice surge of excitement with the launch, and I was one of those that were excited.

But I'm disappointed with the lack of follow-up. Brian and John and others have done a great job with the community, but where is the publisher support? Where are some videos or transcripts of play sessions, so GMs can learn how to adjudicate the rules while keeping things flowing and fun? Where are some basic adventures to show how to create encounters and story arcs? Where are announcements of upcoming plans to develop the world?

Mid-term grades:
Launch: A (an index would have made that an A+)
Follow-up: F

I have looked and may have missed i but is there any guidelines to build your own vessels? I am a major vehicle junkie and find the rules very vague so any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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Saw this and had to share. Sweet submarine!
Deck plan of the starship MOBIUS. Done for the Black Ocean space opera series by +Author J.S. Morin http://blackoceanmissions.com/

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Small research habitat, perhaps?

Has anyone seen a posted blog or podcast account of naval combat? I'd love to follow along to see a GM run a few rounds of action...

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Came across this graphic novel; might be of thematic interest for folks here.
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