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Une idée de la mise à disposition du PDF Créatures ?

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The size of this elite accommodation would fit a family or three. A luxury hotel suite stay at an Equinox hotel is as much a reward as credits or gear.

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Polar Alliance make. There’s probably not a single real human on it ...

(saw this one on the Internet)

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This got me thinking about undersea adventure after a bit of a break. I have the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea series on DVD somewhere. Used to love that show.

I also need to sit down and look over the Polaris Savage Worlds pdf. I recently started running some Savage Worlds at a local store, and now intrigued to see how it works for Polaris.
Bummer. I used to love watching Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea as a kid.


How is everyone doing? No new post in a bit so wanted to stir things up and see what everyone has been doing / playing....

Myself, I am hoping to run a demo of Polaris at my FLGS soon...

Be well and stay dry!

No Polaris love at Gen Con this year? I guess I was spoiled by last year, where there were several Polaris games to choose from.

we had a great time playing Polaris today!

This Saturday I'm getting t run it again for a new group of players :D

So for a Polaris game in the store would you prefer to listen on podcast or watch on livestream?

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