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6.0-beta6 Nov 16, 2018

-Bug fixes and optimizations
-Fix some widgets (Evernote) not loading

(May take a few hours to appear on your Google Play)

Opt-in to betas at

Or download the APK

Older Versions:

Previous Beta APK: 6.0-beta5 Oct 11th, 2018

Latest Stable APK: 5.5.4 May 12, 2018
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Please Change app drawer's A-Z slider to like android p or of action launcher like pill.

I have used Nova Launcher and TeslaUnread for quite some time. I recently switched to AEX and then to HavocOS pie ROMs and with both of them TeslaUnread will not work. I get a app shutting down error and the only fix is to uninstall it. Any suggestions?


Iโ€™m looking for a tool for changing style of notification pop up. (You know, when you get notifications, it pops up from top of the screen). At the moment itโ€™s a boring white box.. my android device is running OS 7.1.1 (Nougat).

Is there a function on Nova setting to change style or will there be one?

Sorry if this has already been asked before. If so, please direct me to it?

Thank you.

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Hey, I have this enabled, pretty sure all permissions and stuff are granted, but I'm.still not seeing the shortcuts when I long press an icon.......probably something simple, but what am I missing?

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Would like the option to control the amount of space between icons in a folder. When you add 16 icons into a folder on the desktop, the open folder takes up the majority of the screen. Option to have the same number of icons and have the open folder be smaller would be a nice improvement. Similar to the second picture where there is less space between icons.
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I am on stable version on Nova Launcher Prime, on Xiaomi Redmi 4 running AEX AOSP with Android Oreo -8.1.
Whenever I try and use app shortcut for Google Camera, it shows error of permission denied. For other apps, apps shortcut runs smoothly and nice, the error occurs only for this particular app, please tell me what to do ?

I have Nova set as my default launcher on my Pixel 2 XL. However, I note in Running Services that Pixel Launcher is also running with 4 processes and one service. Is this normal or necessary?

What are we going to do when they close Google+? They've rescheduled the closure of Google + to April :(

I have a bug with animations because gestures of mate 20 pro.

When I wanna go to home screen the launcher lost the animation, anyone have a solution for this problem?
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