Community to report bugs and features requests for the Beta versions of Nova Launcher.
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Cliff Wade

General Discussion  - 
Before you post in this community please use the Google+ search function to search for certain keywords for your issue or what it is you are asking about.

Majority of things have been asked, requested or talked about within this community.

If you fail to search and read this community and post something that has already been asked about, commented about, requested or whatever, your post will be removed.

Feature Requests Section: This section is for posting your Feature Requests in. However, just about anything and everything you can think of has been requested, so chances are it's in this section, so look here before you post. Check the ChangeLogs Section as we post what's new in each version so it's possible your feature request is already there.

Bug Reports Section This is the section for posting bug reports during the beta stage. Again, most things have been reported and/or asked about, especially after the first 24 hours of a new beta so please search this section before you post the same bug that's been posted about already. Also search and read the comments, as it's likely we as moderators have mentioned that we are aware of the bug and that it's being worked on, or maybe we need more information and need some folks to email us using the Contact Support button from within Nova Settings to give us some information if they experiencing the same bug. Check the ChangeLogs Section as we post what's been fixed in each version so it's possible your bug has already been squashed.

ChangeLogs Section: DO NOT POST HERE, period. This is for owners/moderators of this community only. If you post here, your post will be deleted and chances are you'll be banned from the community as we get people posting in this section all the time, and it makes it harder for users searching for changes/fixes/updates to find things.

General Discussion Section: This is for general, NOVA LAUNCHER ONLY discussion. Please do NOT post screenshots or posts bashing other launchers, feature requests, bug reports or anything similar in this section. This is probably the section of this community that should get the least amount of traffic, and there's a reason for that. Let's try and keep it that way, please.

If you have any questions, please direct them to +Stewart Souter or +Stephan Schwöbel when it comes to moderation of this community. While they do know a bit of what's going on behind the scenes, they don't know a lot about that as they are more for helping keep this community organized and cleaned. With that said, they are VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE about Nova Launcher and how things work. Use their brain, but use it wisely and please don't over do it.

If you have technical questions or questions more regarding something specific to Nova Launcher itself, outside of an every day feature request, please feel free to tag me, +Cliff Wade. If you need support help, while this community can and will be helpful, the easiest and quickest way to get a response is by using the Contact Support button that is found in Nova Settings. This will not only come to me directly and personally, but it will contain a ton of useful information that I need to help me troubleshoot your issue. It's information that saves me having to reply to you asking for said information 99% of the time. The Contact Support button was put there for a reason and I ask that EVERYONE utilize.

I also ask that you please don't tag Kevin Barry personally into a post here. He's the one man behind Nova Launcher and is very busy. If there's something you want/need him to read/see/hear, tag me and I'll pass it on accordingly. He's doing everything that he can to make Nova Launcher the best it can be, let's allow him to do that as much as possible and let's allow him to retain focus on the updates to the app itself so that we as users will be one big happy family.

With all of that said, all of you are fantastic and do a great job for keeping things pretty neat and organized here in this community and it's a pleasure to be able to deal with each of you. Let's keep it that way and let's make this community for Nova Launcher as great as the app itself is.
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Rohan Dayala

Bug Reports  - 
TeslaUnread isn't counting more than "100 notifications" in WhatsApp Group Messages.
See the Screenshot.
I got "185 messages from 4 chats"
- 1 messages from "Group Chat 1"
- 1 messages from "Group Chat 2"
- 181 message from "Group Chat 3"
- 2 message from "Group Chat 4"

But WhatsApp icon on the home screen is showing only 104 notifications (1+1+100+2)
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Maybe a simple 100+ would suffice
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Serhat semih Bilen

General Discussion  - 
Possible to go clock not the date when i touch date?

And if i choose weather, some time later I just see ??? Not any icon 
Serhat semih Bilen's profile photoThomas Tran's profile photo
+Serhat semih Bilen So, you would rather see inaccurate weather when you go offline? Just some number to make you feel good? Or you would post here to complain inaccurate weather when offline? Also, it's still experimental, bugs are expected.
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Laurent Piérard

Feature Requests  - 

Great app!

Wound be cool to add support to WeMail.

Jorell Rutledge's profile photoCliff Wade's profile photo
As I told you in your email, it should already be listed. Just enable it and set it up if need be and start using it.
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Feature Requests  - 
One feature I would truly love to see added is more customization for folders inside folders.

Specifically the addition of tap action, and swipe to open folder.
Ged Blake's profile photoThanasis Koligliatis's profile photo
+Stephan Schwöbel
Have you noticed

Edit folder
Edit shortcut

App label

A simple
Would be more consistent.
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Keith Reetz

General Discussion  - 
Dock question....I want to add icons to my dock, but when I drag to drop, they keep popping out. How am I suppose to add the icons into the dock.
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+Ed Fuller
The little triangles that pop up are

Desktop grid > Subgrid Positioning > enabled

The shortcuts are placed automatically,
precisely at the center of the square that surrounds them.

(When you leave them, they snap into the center)

They remain exactly where you leave them

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Rajat Pai

Bug Reports  - 
Well, there is a big in Mi phones I observed recently. I have been using Nova launcher prime in Redmi 3S. Once the launcher is set as the default app, you can't change the wallpaper neither lockscreen or homescreen (screenshots attached) If you want to change the wallpaper, all you need to do is set MI launcher as default, change the wallpaper, then again set Nova launcher as default. This doesn't happen with any other launcher. I tried using action launcher and z launcher. Only Nova launcher seems to have some problem. Request you to check on this. 
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Ratko Batinic

Feature Requests  - 
Is there any chance we will get full screen folders?
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Sorry if this was posted already.

Sometimes app drawer would open when swiping up anywhere on the screen, including the vertical scrolling widgets like Gmail or Keep.

I have no swipe up gesture enabled.

Check my finger position on the screenshot.
Basudeb Chandra's profile photoMichael Robinson's profile photo
I've had this same problem since the beta versions.
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The duration for bringing up the long press menu should be increased when the desktop is locked. In most instances, before the menu pops up, the message for locked desktop appears which defeats the purpose of the long press menu feature. 
Ian Grody's profile photoSaravanan Arumugam's profile photo
Thanks Ian
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David Gelfand

Bug Reports  - 
I have been using Nova Premium for a while now. This launcher is absolutely amazing.

Yesterday I installed Beta from the Play store - the say day i started having Ad Pop-ups on my home screen. Nova Beta is the only app i installed right before the Ads starting popping up.

Please advise how to removed Beta version and go back to official release of Nova. I opted out from the Beta community, but still every time i try to reinstall Nova - it gives me Beta version.

Thank you
Ivan Staines's profile photoChris Hyde's profile photo
Ah, well good deal then! 
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About this community

This is the Nova Launcher Beta Test community. If you are interested in beta testing our app and wish to report and file bugs then this is the place for you. Simply join this community using the same Play Store account that you use on your device then click on the Opt-In to beta updates link. If you don't see that link then you can always sign up here: We ask that you please post in the correct category. We also ask that you post absolutely NO SCREENSHOTS unless you are posting it to show a bug or a feature request. If you wish to post screenshots of your Nova Launcher setup, then please visit the Nova Launcher Screenshots community by clicking this link: Please do *NOT* post in the Changelogs category for any reason. This category to be used only by community owner(s) and community moderators. All other posts will be removed immediately.

Thomas Lorinczi

Feature Requests  - 
Option to choose a different colour for every folder? Inspired from Samsung, indeed, but i really like it.
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Chris Zyneros

Bug Reports  - 
I purchased Nova Launcher in December when it was on sale, and I came across a problem I am having when I use Swipe Up to Open Drawer function. With multiple pages it is very difficult to swipe to another page without closing the drawer. Is there a way to fix this, or does the current beta version fix it?
James Amend's profile photouosɐs Ⅎ's profile photo
Turn off swipe up.. that's what I did.. replaced it with an apps shortcut in the dock.. ¯\(ツ)
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Stuart Smith

General Discussion  - 
For those clamoring for a pixel weather widget, there are two options: Pixel Pill Widget Pro, and, just released in Beta, Chronus now has a pixel widget. It's available only for beta testers at the moment, and it's not tied to Google Weather, but to whatever service one chooses within Chronus (AccuWeather, Weather Underground, etc.). I use the Chronus Flex widget but am testing this out and have found it to work well so far. The date and battery % can also be shown in small font below the weather.
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Adrián B.

General Discussion  - 
One question. Is there any way to put blur effect when you open the apps box or the folders? It's a little bit apple but I love the effect. Thank you for the help. 
Ajdin Tabak's profile photoStephan Schwöbel's profile photo
+Ajdin Tabak add your vote to the nova launcher feedback page for feature requests. this request for example is already listed within the top ten.
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General Discussion  - 
How to close the gap between the dock and the folders?
Pixel's profile photoGed Blake's profile photo
+Pixel Thanks, Pixel. Appreciate it☺️.
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Be Your Own Boss

Feature Requests  - 
I used Nova launcher since one year, its best launcher I ever use before but recently I also use action launcher it's also great launcher so I recommend two things make will wish make in Nova launcher.

1. Increase icon size as default because I increase icon size but decrease icon resolution..... Badly.

2.Make instant app list open with swipe left side.

Cliff Wade's profile photoGed Blake's profile photo
This is the second time I've read about low resolution of icons when set to the maximum size.

It's really puzzling because I've never experienced this with Nova.

On both my HTC One M8 phone and my Nexus 9 tablet, all icons render perfectly at any size. Maybe it's got something to do with the amount of RAM installed on some devices - ie., not enough of it.
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I dunno why I'm facing this Bug. The icon quality is better for me on every launcher except nova even under default settings, I'm posting ss of nova and adw and adw icon quality is much better than nova for me.
Shubham S. (czboyshubham)'s profile photoPrateek Gupta's profile photo
Nice app
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Benjamin Cruz

General Discussion  - 
Añadan más diseño eso es lo que le falta a este launcher no quiero tener que instalar mas aplicaciones de decoración añadan decoración al estilo de action launcher 3 eso sería bueno ya que Nova en si es bueno pero le falta ese toque de diseño
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Ivan Staines's profile photo
Nova is based on the stock Google launcher, so adding more design features isn't likely to happen.

Nova is the most customiseable launcher available and adding things to make it more customisable is the whole idea.....To keep ram and installation files as low as possible.
Adding design and "eye candy" to nova will only increase ram, battery and goodness knows what else......
Sorry but I don't agree with what you are asking.
I've not read anything so absurd, of course we need to add apps and things to make nova better, the development team will not add lots of icons and crazy designs because a few people don't like adding stuff to it!
Im sorry if I offend with my words, it is just my opinion and I know many others including the development team will agree.
Just because I don't agree doesn't mean you give up or give in, see what other people think........
I'll ask the head of customer service for Tesla coil software, who produce Nova, for his opinions.

+Cliff Wade​​
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manil katyal

General Discussion  - 
Guys how can I get Nova launcher beta apk 
C S's profile photomanil katyal's profile photo
Oh ok..shall do..thank you 
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