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I just put Instagram out and in a folder and Nova crashes... Y this?
Moto g3
Android 6.0.1

Handing off the app search to sesame shortcuts better, or complete hand off to sesame shortcuts when the app search is opened in the app drawer.

Currently we have the ability to put sesame in the dock, and the app search overlay has sesame shortcuts built it. But the two apps never match up in suggested apps. Would it to hand off the app search to the sesame shortcuts when app search is selected?

I'm having a issue with the latest beta update of the app.Whenever I have restoring a nova backup after a reset everything remain restores same but the icon pack and the app hidden are not restoring.It remain as it is a fresh setup.

I am on latest beta bulid.Device is Redmi 3s prime running android 6.0.1 without any system modifications.

Please put in gestures swipe to the left and swipe to the right ( when you are at the last page).

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In newer beta its impossible to get access of options in folders at homescreen, i tried reinstalling nova but didn't help.
please fix this bug.

Included video for better explanation

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Please look into this.

Hey, Nova not showing transparent notification bar anymore, though it is already checked in Nova settings, under the Look&Feel. It's only transparent on Lock Screen. Using Note 4 N910C, uninstalled, reinstalled, phone factory reset, cleared cache, cleared data, no theme applied,no t rooted whatsoever, but didn't do the trick. Please fix. Thanks.

Remove distinction between hiraga, katakana, and halfwidth katakana in search

I'm running v6 beta4 and i have on my homescreen an Xwidget Pro widget with an analogue clock.

The widget after a short period freezes and the clock shows the wrong time. I have to press on it so it gets refreshed.

The same time when i switch to modified Pixel launcher from xda, the widget doesn't freeze at all.

Is this a bug?
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