I have been joining a whole lot more communities. I love finding communities that evolves animals, singers of all kinds of music, bullying, abuse on pets such as cats and dogs etc.  No matter what type of community I join here on Google+. I will always make sure I join it.

Sorry if I haven't been posting a whole of things in this community of mine. I have been so busy with things.

Tonight has been a boring night for me. Cause I have been on and off the computer all day. I am on my labtop computer for about eighteen hours a day and night. When I am on my computer. I am usually looking up the news on dog attacks, country music singer Dierks Bentley, bee attacks, wolf attacks, bear attacks, mountain lion attacks, shark attacks, crocodile attacks, alligator attacks and country music. But when I see a certain news article about the types of news I look up. I make sure to share it on my Google+ account.

I love learning about things from music and poetry to animals of wildlife.

There are a lot of things going through my mind right now. I don't where to start on telling everybody that has joined my community so far. But I do know one thing. And that one thing I know is. That you can only break your certain type of pain. By knowing what the up most part of your certain type of pain is hurting you the most.

Well it has been a while. I have been very busy. Sorry if I haven't posted anything in my community. But anyways. Things are going good with me. Been trying new to think of new songs and poems to write.

Sorry if I don't have any shared videos or photos to share. But If you guys who have joined my community so far. Want to post pictures and or videos of your favorite types of animals and favorite music singers of any type of music genres. Feel free. Also feel free to post stories, song lyrics from your favorite songs and losses of your loved ones such as pets and humans.

Need advice on anything that evolves healing through tough painful times. Please feel free to contact me on my community anytime.

Feel free to show me photos of the types of creatures and types of music singers that you like. If you are a huge country music fan of country music and country music singer Dierks Bentley. Then post in my new community as many photos as you want.

I can't add any photos to this new community I have created tonight. Sorry.
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