When I try to open venom hub I get a pop up with message unfortunately venom hub has stopped. I'm running viperonem8 4.6.1

HTC one m8 user is very many, I hope, Venom team will update the venom rom with android 8.0. please..

Just flashed Viper10 6.0.0. But upon reboot, I'm stuck on bootloop. Help?

How to enable navigation bar on htc 10 viper one 6.0 ?

Lost my password for Venom Hub , so I created a new account.. how can I move my M8 to my new hub account.. I haven't' updated it in quite awhile and would like to do so. last digits of IMEI 910251
I'm on ViperOne M8 4.3 ( don't' use the phone much.. I have corp phone) but I would like to update it to whatever the last version was.
I have been out of the CutRom loop for couple of years, so whats the best way to update.. TWRP ? etc..
Thanks for not berating me in public :-)

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So I just flashed the new viper 6.0.0 to my HTC 10 oreo. Everything is running pretty smooth so far. But for some reason I cannot access any of the thing in this part of the hub to download stuff. When I click one it's always empty. And for some reason I can't get onto the venom roms homepage. Is anyone else having this problem or can help me.
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I want to download rom 2.2.0 but I can not, the download page does not open

WiFi does not work in this versión 😢😢

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Something is coming....
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hello, i need your help please, i bougth a phone ( HTC one M8) whit venom rom 1.8.0, android 4.4 i tried to upgrade to android 6.0 but this hapen "This device is attached to another account! If you are the new owner of this device, please ask the previous owner to detach his device from account&sync settings. Alternatively, you can also contact us to detach the device from previous owner" my english is not good but i trie to understand... espero su respuesta, muchas gracias
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